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In crisis bad the enterprises can do a grist for the salary to workers

When at firm financial difficulties, any receipts on the bill instantly write off on payment of taxes and debts under utility bills. So can reach and before that for the salary to employees does not remain. It appears, it is possible to reserve the certain sum on each worker that have not written off all money bodily, and at least something remains for the salary. The maximum sum of the reservation makes now 433 thousand 710 roubles on one worker. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in bank the special document, what – solves bank. Such crisis booking of money can do both state, and private offices.

- Under the Labour code the enterprise is obliged to create reserve fund for maintenance of payment of the salary on a case of an economic inconsistency, liquidation and so on. Since 1995 under the Decree of the president of 483 enterprises which are in arrears under the salary, can keep from write-off the sum equal 1,5 BPM (now it just 433 thousand 710 roubles. - Red.), - have explained « in Committee on work, employment and sotszashchite Mingorispolkom. - money lies on the bill, and is paid to employees in a pay day every month. But as level of salaries across Minsk considerably exceeds this sum, payment of the reserved money does not relieve the enterprise of necessity to give to the worker the salary rest.