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The lightning has killed the six-year boy

past Saturday a family from Volkovyska has arrived to have a rest on the Zelvensky water basin. At ten o`clock evenings when the rain and a thunder-storm has begun, parents together with two-year and six-year sons have hidden in tent. And the lightning is literally in 20 minutes has struck in a tree, then the category has got by the ground to tent and injured the child. The six-year boy has there and then fainted.

- Later the family head told that at it all body has grown dumb, his wife first minutes at all did not understand that has occurred, - tells « » the assistant to the public prosecutor of Zelvensky area Dmitry Zanemonsky. - Parents have called rescuers, first aid, tried to rescue the kid - did to it artificial breath. The boy has died on the way to hospital, without regaining consciousness.

Doctors ascertained that the kid has died instantly. And to rescue it could not any more neither parents, nor doctors. When the lightning has struck, all family sat on a mattress in tent. Most likely, the leg of the boy has come off on the earth, and the category has got directly to it. Now check in this tragical case is spent by regional Office of Public Prosecutor. About a family of the lost boy it is known only that the father works as the bookkeeper, and mum is in a maternity leave.

- Our water basin exists for a long time, but for the first time on its coast the person was lost, - have told « local residents of village Berezhki near which there is a water basin.

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the Thunder-storm better to wait in the car, than under a tree

How correctly to behave during a thunder-storm, has told a press - the secretary of the Grodno regional management the Ministry of Emergency Measures Natalia Zhivolevsky .

- For reduction of probability of defeat by a lightning the body of the person should have as less as possible contacts to the earth. It is necessary to sit down or lay down on any izoljatsionnyj a material: a log, a board, a backpack. The main thing that the person did not sit on the earth because the electric category is passed by the ground.

- If the person has seen a tree to which the lightning some minutes when the electricity will dissipate are better to wait has got, and only then it is possible to approach to this place.    

- to Try to save the clothes and a body the dry.

- On the statistican, most of all accidents during a thunder-storm occurs in countryside on open places. For example, in the field. Therefore it is recommended to take cover in any deepenings, slopes, in an undersized site of wood. It is very dangerous to be on a raised place or under a standing alone tree.

- Is better to hide in the car. It is completely isolated, and it is improbable that in it the lightning will strike.

- It is considered that reservoirs and mobile phones draw lightning categories.

- If you have a rest on lake tent is better to break not at the water, and in wood or a bush.