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Stars have come on a premiere « Sex in a big city - 2 »

As for this day the fan of four girlfriends from New York long waited!
hundreds fanatok stood along street of New York near to Siti Mjuzik Radio a hall - waited, when on serebrjannyj a carpet there are actors of a new film.

the Sequel Sex in a big city again will tell about adventures, work, life, problems, love and conversations of the four favourite by much spectators - Kerri, Samanty, Charlottes and Mirandy.

the Sarai - Dzhessika Parker - the performer of a role of Kerri Bredshou considers that the film is much more, than shows of four women of fashion which change dresses are simple.

- Heroines have matured, as well as ourselves. But I think that it is impossible to tell all time about a fashion and about hats. People would like to see a film about life, about human problems. To listen, about what speak women. About things which stir all perfect half of mankind... And not just about nice dresses...

In a new film of Samanta persuades girlfriends to go in Abu - Dabi. And the plot takes an unexpected turn.

Actress Sintija Nixon denies all hearings that a film anti - Muslim.

- for what would not tell that in a film is though a drop against Moslems. To the contrary, it is very interesting to four girlfriends to investigate the East. And my heroine so on a broader scale behaves differently, than usually, she does not specify to everything what to do, and tries to lead life of the East and to absorb in itself as much as possible the Arabian!

Till today nobody knew the main secret of a film. But all of us in a shower we miss the positive and charming Ajdanu, to which Kerry time and again broke heart. And script writers have decided us to please.

Actor John Korbet - the former love of Kerry Ajdan -   says that its role in a sequel was a huge secret and for it too! He to the last did not know that will appear in a film.

- I have received the scenario, have read it and have thought that my role, probably, cut out, because there there was only any Uajat. I have called script writers and have asked that it would mean, and they have responded: You also are Uajat, the idiot!

Sex in a big city - 2 leaves on our screens on June, 3rd.