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In Voronezh the girl has run away from - under house arrest... Through a balcony on the fourth floor

state of emergency has occurred on Monday, on June, 14th, in the street Minsk. Mum and the father have left for work, and to Light have left houses and have locked. The little girl grows mischievous - here, probably, and have made secure, that once again has not done a lot of mischief. Only   Light has managed to throw out such number that the rest in comparison with it - innocent pranks... Friends have called her on a beach. Yes how to get out from - under the lock? The little girl lives on the fourth floor, but without thinking twice left on a balcony and has seized an antenna cable.

-   Light began to go down downwards, and at level of the third floor the cable has broken. The girl, fortunately, has not fallen downwards, and it has appeared on eaves of a neighbour`s balcony, - have told in a municipal government on affairs GO and CHS. - Someone has called 01, and our experts have immediately left into place. Rescuers have worked operatively and professionally. On a ladder have risen to   Light also have removed it from eaves. Operation has occupied 16 minutes.

As soon as frightened, but whole and safe Svetka has appeared on the earth, it has there and then come into the hands of militiamen. Now guards find out that has pushed the girl on such extreme trick.

* - the name of the girl is changed.

the Cable for which kept Light, has broken at level of the third floor.
a photo: Press - Management services on affairs GO and CHS Voronezh.