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Roof of my house

the Tile

Square or rectangular tiles from polyfoam. It is the most simple and inexpensive kind of ceiling coverings.

Pluses : are simple in installation. For poklejki ceiling plates it is not necessary special skills - it is possible to make all independently. Are glued on any surface - concrete, plaster and drevesnostruzhechnaja a plate, a bricklaying, plaster. Possess good warmly - and soundproofing properties.    

Minuses : are short-lived, not vlagoustojchivy.

Cost - from 35 to 50 roubles for one tile in the size 60 on 60 see


Pendant system with plates and raster lamps. It is used mainly at offices. On installation leaves from 1 till 3 days.

Pluses : the most inexpensive kind of false ceilings. With their help it is possible to hide the engineering communications located under overlapping. Such ceilings well absorb noise and easily are under repair.

Minuses: are established mainly at offices

Cost - 250 roubles for 1 sq. m + installation of 250 roubles for 1 sq. m.  


the Design with metal aluminium laths. It is used in premises with the raised humidity - in saunas, baths, bathrooms. Are established within 3-7 days.    

Pluses: moisture-proof and durable (keep from 10 years and more).

Minuses: the high price, complexity in installation.

Cost: from 800 to 1400 roubles for 1 sq. m + installation from 250 to 300 roubles for 1 sq. m.


Represent a ceiling film (PVC) which stretches on the special skeleton established on perimetre of a room.   the Given material masks all roughnesses and defects of a ceiling. Installation lasts till 3 days (one room). Installation terms will depend on complexity   installations). By means of tension ceilings the apartment can give more romantic kind, having created effect of the star sky or design in the form of the photos put on a ceiling film. These are so-called art - ceilings with a photo printing. On their manufacturing leaves from three weeks about one month.    

Pluses : tension ceilings vlagoustojchivy also are harmless (do not allocate harmful substances, allergens, flavourless), do not support burning, do not draw a dust, and do not demand special leaving. Besides it, within 10 years such ceilings will not fade and will save durability. Possess thermoisolation and well absorb a sound. Rescue apartment from deluging, maintaining on 1 sq. m of 150 litres of water.

Minuses: more expensive in comparison, for example, with a usual ceiling tile, are afraid of mechanical damages and negative temperatures.

Cost - from 650 roubles for 1 sq. m + installation of 150-200 roubles for 1 sq. m.

Cost art - a ceiling with a photo printing - 3   000 roubles for 1 sq. m (together with installation), the price the star sky - 9   000-10 000 roubles for 1 sq. m.      

With its help of the master various figures - all on your discretion can make Gypsum cardboard on a ceiling.

Pluses: ceilings from gypsum cardboard easily are under repair.    

Minuses :   Work very laborious, demanding is a lot of efforts, mount terms last from three days about two weeks. Of deluging are afraid.

Cost: 1 sq. metre - 2 500 roubles (with installation and materials).

the Comment of the expert

Andrey VERNICH, the general director of the building company sky Model :

- For today on fashion peak tension art - ceilings with a photo printing. In image quality on the first place on popularity there is a sky with clouds. On a ceiling drawings with   nicely look; iconographic scenes, ancient maps, various butterflies, colours. Except photos, in a fashion and so-called combined gipsokartonovye designs with the built in tension ceilings.   but whatever were the ceilings, it is necessary to pay attention to manufacture. The best quality the French ceiling designs possess. Quite good quality our, domestic ceilings possess also. It is necessary to refuse the Chinese materials at once.