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In the near future Smolensk can become one of cities so-called the Slavonic ring . When Smolensk will turn in tourist mekku while it is not known. And we while have decided to collect the most interesting legends about our fortification which and now involves tourists the Smolensk strong hold, a necklace vseja Russia, is constructed in 1602. It preserved and protected all of us these centuries, it decorated and to the present day decorates our city. We have got used to conceive it odnostoronne - as an architecture monument, as the defender, as vacation spot. I think, it would be interesting to look at it on the other hand, after all the set of legends is connected with it and povery also. Probably, someone did not guess some at all

1. The damnation of the Smolensk strong hold

the First legend is connected with Boris Godunov`s name. It says that everyone whoever has caused to a wall a loss, the inevitable fate will overtake - such prokljate the actual governor of the state has imposed. To believe or not to believe - your business, but we will look at the facts. The first destructions of a strong hold are dated 1609 - 1611 years. After 20 - a monthly siege armies of Sigizmunda III though managed to take a city, but the further destiny of aggressors was sad. According to some information, position attacking was pitiable - meat of horses, dogs, cats, rats was usual meal for them, and at strong hunger they did not disdain also children of the Moscow captives
On destiny voevody B.Shejna a damnation too has affected. After all its warriors in 1632 - have destroyed 1634 some towers, trying to beat out from a city the Polish garrison, by the way, unsuccessfully.
Napoleon which army two times has swept on the Smolensk earth, in opinion smoljan, too has paid for explosion of nine serf towers.
the Sad fate has comprehended also Smolensk governor Nikolay I. Khmelnitskiy. Though its merits before smoljanami and not to consider - it restored a city after Napoleonic invasion, has opened the library first in Russian province, has arranged the first provincial manufactory exhibition in Russia. However he has made a mistake - has made the order to disassemble a part of a decayed strong hold on building for Smolensko - the Moscow highway. A leah the damnation of the tsar on it has affected? I do not know. But the further destiny of the governor speaks for itself. The commission directed to Smolensk has found out huge plunders. Speak, then Nikolay I has thrown the well-known phrase, being converted to the fellow-heir: Well, the brother, apparently, in Russia only we with you do not steal one . Nikolay Ivanovich has soon been arrested also five years has stayed in the Peter and Paul Fortress, whence left semiblind, sick and has soon died

2. In a wall the skull of a horse of sacred Merkurija
On the second poverju is immured, from a strong hold the disturbing horse neighing warning about danger sometimes reaches. It heard also in the summer 1812 - go. Probably, indeed at building in a wall have walled a skull of a fighting horse of the nice warrior and sacred Merkurija Smolensk, saved a city by the life.

3. the Iron mask
the Set of legends is connected with one of the most picturesque places of the Smolensk strong hold - the Royal bastion. In its torture chambers prisoners about whom townspeople knew nothing contained and could build guesses only. So, probably, there was also a legend about the mysterious prisoner in to an iron mask in 40 - h years of a XIX-th century the prisoner in a casemate of an ancient bastion.
many legends are connected With strong hold towers.
a photo: Oleg FOMKIN

4. Ghosts in a tower of Veseluha
Veseluha - the most well-known and favourite tower smoljan. The Interesting story is connected with it. Last century it have selected for commemorating of Duhova of day.
on it even the viewing point where smoljane and visitors admired vicinities has been arranged.
the daredevils who have come here on night, with horror told about flying ghosts and loud abstruse voe, reaching of under the century arches of a tower, from - for what some were afraid to approach to it even in the afternoon.
Eventually to it there was a reasonable explanation. This tower removed from rendered habitable places was chosen by counterfeiters for manufacture of counterfeit bank notes, and by means of such tricks they frightened off casual or not casual curious townspeople.
many interesting stories were for ever hidden from us by a fortification. But also that we know, at times run murashki It is possible to believe or not to believe, accept or not to accept them, but it is our history, and, as it is known, learning the past, we learn the present