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To whom in the Polar region will give the parent capital?

each inhabitant of the Murmansk area, given birth (adopted) in the past or this year the second, third and subsequent child, was already converted into the Pension fund (PF) with the statement for delivery of the state certificate on parent (family)   the capital (MOSCOW TIME). We will remind what write the application on its reception of mummy can at any time after right occurrence. And in a month after reception of the statement by employees PF the decision on satisfaction of the statement or refusal will be accepted.

All from the beginning of action of the law in the Polar region 4081 certificate, including for 2008 - 2452 is given already out. The majority severjanok, applying for its reception, have given birth to the second child.

According to Murmanskstata, in 2005 in area on each one thousand inhabitants 9,8 newborns, in 2006 - 9,9, in 2007 - already 10, and   were necessary; by the end 2008 will be also that more. So birth rate on Kola peninsula though slowly, but grows. And directly it was contributed by granting to women of the right to reception of the parent capital.

According to the assistant to the Pension fund operating branch on Evgenie Smirnova`s Murmansk area, the first statement for delivery of the state certificate on the parent (family) capital has been submitted to the Polar region on January, 9th, 2007 in Olenegorske. And in 2009 this mother can already write the application on the order it. We Will remind, to realise the certificate it will be possible only since 2010: the statement for the order can be submitted by means of the parent (family) capital at any time after 2 - h years and 6 - ti months from the date of a birth of the child.

That has changed?

Instead of so a long time the Governmental order of the Russian Federation from 22. 09. 2008 709 changes in " have been made; Rules of filing of application about delivery of the state certificate on the parent capital which have already come into force. What exactly has changed, to us employees of the Pension fund tell.

1.   the Statement on the parent (family) capital can be submitted not only in a place of registration, but also in a place of actual residing.

If earlier the statement for certificate delivery could be submitted only in a place of registration, now and in a place of actual residing if there is no check in in a residence or abidings. Thus along with other documents it is necessary to present the statement for a place of the actual residing within the Russian Federation.

2. The statement can be passed in PFR through the authorised representative.

Till now the statement for delivery of the state certificate to women was necessary for submitting to Pension fund bodies personally. It was inconvenient enough to mums of newborn children to choose time for filing of application on reception MOSCOW TIME. Now it can be made through the authorised representative who can be any person, and not just the relative. The main thing, officially to issue the power of attorney at the notary.

3. With the enclosed documents it is possible to direct the statement by mail.

not originals of applied documents, and their copies In this case go, and authenticity of the signature on the statement is necessary for assuring notarially.

to Mums living abroad, the same can be made in the Russian consulate. To direct documents by mail follows the way, allowing to confirm the fact and departure date, for example, the certified mail with the notification message. Day of their check in in territorial body of the Pension fund will be considered as documents acceptance date. And the state certificate can be received by mail that is very convenient to inhabitants of remote settlements, that is us, inhabitants of the Far North.

Thus, thanks to amendments procedure of filing of application on delivery of the certificate and its reception considerably becomes simpler.

That remains former?

Means of the parent (family) capital can be used on improvement of living conditions, education of children or formation of a memory part of labour pension of mother. They can be spent simultaneously in two or three directions. After the money provided by the capital, is spent completely, certificate action stops. The period of the order means of the parent capital   it is not limited. It is possible to receive MOSCOW TIME only once. However to use this money it will be possible on reaching the child of three-year age. Annually the size of the parent capital is indexed taking into account rates of increase of inflation and affirms the federal law as the budget the next year. Thus, in 2008 the size of the parent (family) capital has made 276 250 roubles. For comparison: in 2007 the base size of the parent capital made - 250 thousand roubles.

to Whom can refuse?

If the declarant has given in PFR incorrect data, or you have given birth to the second child, but concerning the first are deprived the parental rights, or you or your child are not citizens of Russia, or you already received once and used the parent capital (after all to receive it it is possible only once!) . All data on a family check through guardianship and guardianship bodies, the Department of Internal Affairs.


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