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Create good with Open heart

In Tatarstan there was a first magazine about philanthropy and benefactors

    Me often ask: what for you so speak much and write about charities in which be engaged? After all it is considered that it is kindly necessary to do modestly, without advertising the merits, - Dashin explains.

But I have a opinion in this respect. Our society, fortunately, has during the last years matured. People had a sense of responsibility for those who lives nearby. Now it is a high time to tell that in our republic there live many kind and sympathetic people - and it is possible to join them!

We should understand that desire to care of those to whom it is difficult, about those to whom the help - natural desire and even requirement of the normal person " is necessary; - Andrey Valerevich considers. As the director of fund Alpari It had to face time and again men of means at whom were both possibilities, and desire to help that who needs their support.

But only why - that while at us many hesitate of the responsiveness. And the unfulfilled desire to create good, alas, can die away in due course -   as it is possible   Andrey Dashin more intelligibly tries to explain the reason on which it has published the Open heart .

One of overall objectives of founders of magazine - to acquaint tatarstantsev with those charitable projects which are realised in republic, in the country and behind its boundaries. The new edition will leave quarterly - anyway, at the beginning. Distribution - free, on address mailing.

Among addressees of magazine - not only Republican advice concerning charities and the charitable organisations, but also social and educational institutions of Tatarstan. Because open heart - the source of the information not only for those who does or wants to do good deeds, but also for those to whom this help is necessary.

Among the materials published in the first issue, - interview to the known benefactor, the owner of the Gold medal of a name of Lev Tolstoi For the outstanding contribution to business of protection of the childhood Asgatom Galimzjanovym, articles the Tax to good deeds (about tax privileges or, more likely, about their absence for benefactors), Conscientious objectors (about destinies of children thrown by parents), Adaptation of children in foster homes and many other things.

the Mobile phone as the tool for the benefactor

  Thy phone is capable to help! - so one of the most interesting materials of number, devoted " is called; mobile philanthropy . As it was found out, gathering of offerings by means of SMS already with success is spent and in our republic. The first similar actions in Tatarstan have organised welfare fund of a name of Angela Vavilovoj (assisting children sick of a leukaemia) and welfare fund Alpari (one of which lines of activity - fund raising for children, suffering affliction a children`s cerebral paralysis).

Founders of fund of a name Angela Vavilovoj have set for themselves a global problem: in 2008 to get the device on an irradiation of donor blood Radgil in cost 250   000 euros for children`s republican clinical hospital. As own means fund did not suffice, the action on gathering of additional means has been declared.  

Having sent SMS with a word Children on number 5075, any interested person could - and, by the way, can till now! - to bring the contribution to device acquisition. Monthly the help to fund rendered and continue to render more than 5000 persons.

Though the necessary sum advance payment for the device which in 2009 should be passed in DRKB is not collected, already brought yet. And to take part in fund raising on treatment of children with DTSP, since autumn of 2008 each interested person can send SMS with text A+ALPARI on number 1131 (cost SMS - 10 roubles) or with text A+DETI on number 1141 (cost SMS - 18 roubles). Reports on quantity arrived mobile offerings and their distribution are published on a welfare fund site Alpari www. alpari - charity. ru .

Tatyana Larionov: Open heart - the big and serious project

In spite of the fact that the first number Open heart was published literally one of these days, the trust of readers, to it is, seemingly, provided. The opinion on the new edition has shared the state adviser at the President of Republic Tatarstan on social problems, the secretary of Republican advice concerning charities Tatyana Larionov.

Magazine Open heart - next, but it is far not last project of fund Alpari . It is obvious not a something ephemeral and the big and serious business which as everything, than is engaged Andrey Dashin, will become seriously, with all the heart and as a hobby - it is assured Larionov.

(By the way, so - With all the heart and as a hobby - the book which has been let out in 2007 by In common republican advice concerning charities and fund " is called; Alpari And become original the report about carrying out of Year of philanthropy in Tatarstan).  

the Best recommendation to new magazine and its publisher - the words of gratitude said to the president of welfare fund Alpari Andrey Dashina the director the Republican centre of adoption, guardianship and Ljubovju Chuchupal guardianship.

As it is known, one of fund projects provides the edition of books and the booklets in detail telling about adaptation of adopted children in foster homes and overcoming of difficulties which new parents almost inevitably face.

By this time in foster homes of Tatarstan it is passed already more such 1000 grants. By the way, as has told the state adviser at President RT on social problems Tatyana Larionov, in 2008 in Tatarstan have been closed at once 7 (!) Children`s homes - and not because they could not be contained.

it is simple pupils of these houses have been adopted or adopted by inhabitants of republic. that the most important, - Tatyana Petrovna has underlined, - at us by and large is not observed frequent in other regions and very sad phenomenon - returnings of children back in boarding schools. In it, likely, there is a considerable merit of welfare fund Alpari .