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the Director - Alexey Pesegov

execute Roles: the honoured artist of Russia Evgenie Kalashnik, Alexey Kuchinsky, Anna Mihajlenko, Dmitry Shulga, Vyacheslav Kimaev, Ivan Basjura, Vladimir Derbentsev, the honoured artist of Russia Evgenie Vazhenin, the merited actress of Russia Tamara Kocherzhinsky, the honoured artist of Russia Vladilen Kondrashov, etc.

the First poslerevoljutsionnye years in Russia... all men the beloved drag a flour and millet while Vladimir rushes to the muse with colours and cries at night from love . It as if also does not have affairs to all this gloomy reality. It has Olga - love for the sake of which he is ready to endow all: to forgive changes, to renounce principles, remaining intelligent - constrained, despite all tragic element of an event. Raised feeling against vile events of the country - cynics are capable of it only.

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History Cynics from a scene it is told in literal sense of this word. The protagonist - Vladimir Vasilevich states to spectators a plot of the difficult love and as a direct illustration, on a scene there is he who many years ago have endured this love, its loved Olga, his brother...

But between a quiet melody of the story and nervous sounds of antecedents there is a notable contrast. Lived rises islets of tragedy and simultaneously happiness for which the grown old hero grieves. Dekadentski Olga`s broken habits, Vladimir`s bitter optimism equally remind of a young time, that in which the misfortune - nevertheless is happier than mature orderliness of life.

the Plot Cynics it is simple enough - heroes love and ruin each other: in one of cities of Russia there is Olga and marries for privat - senior lecturer Vladimir - where - that it is necessary to winter. Olga - fragile, graceful, strange creation. Very musical voice she speaks both about vile, and about intimate things. Almost always caring of a life, it remains extrahousehold, not trite, attractable. Vladimir, loving it, during cold and hungry time gets flowers. The hero on - is youthfully gusty, prompt and nesobran when it is necessary to make decisions, but the main thing - is obedient. For it the love is the voluntary slavery seeming perfect.

With boredom Olga gets a job, a beret in lovers of brother Vladimir - Sergey: just in case it is necessary to have the approached commissioner. Sergey also is the big Soviet captain of the host. Having heard about terrible victims of hunger in the Volga region, Olga agrees about the price of night with nepmanom Dokuchayev. The love triangle turns to a square. The heroine carries the money earned by several paid meetings in fund of the help to the starving. Olga calls to the faithful husband Vladimir, informing that will now be shot. Also it is shot - clumsily, on - woman`s, it is deadly ranja itself. Farewell appointment in which as it has appeared, heroes have nothing to tell each other... Give we will die cheerfully in the evening...

Why this history became actual now? After all the theatre is today in constant search of the modern play lifting problems of our time. Alexey Pesegov has found movement of this time in the play of Mariengofa and has felt its pulse.