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the Director - Linas Zajkauskas

In performance are occupied: Elena Gurin, Vladimir Borisov, Vladimir Kazantsev, Natalia Nemtseva, Anastas Panin, Larissa Reshetko, Vadim Tihonenko.  

A. P.Chekhov`s Classical story Verochka became an ideal material for   premier performance Feelings the Lithuanian director Linasa Zajkauskasa. Non-standard statement was born from a traditional sight at Chekhovian products as on stories about sincere female love and inability of the man to respond to it, about desire to lead full life and impossibility of an embodiment of all hopes, about dreams, youth, poetry.

the Plot the small story it is very simple: the heroine (art. Larissa Reshetko) falls in love with the young expert who has arrived to small district of statistical sciences (art. Vladimir Borisov). To make a declaration of love to it it dares only at the moment of its departure to Petersburg. And this first, naive recognition turns to bright game, with the present orchestra, dances, songs, a bear and the organ-grinder.

Live music, feerichnye actor`s tricks quicken space and create unique atmosphere of freedom, pleasure and beauty. Here fervently play spoons, it is dashing on - russki drink vodka, cheerfully drive maslenichnye round dances, sing favourite national songs

However a game declaration of love does not smooth serious experiences of heroes, and opposite, creates shrill exits in the Russian lyrics.

the Photo: from a site www. old - house. ru

the Photo: from a site www. old - house. ru