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Valery Leontev in Samara has acted in circus on ice

the Cold concert

  One of these days within the limits of the tour across Russia to Samara there has arrived Valery Leontev. Known the priest - the actor scolded a concert to bones   in literal sense of this word. After all it passed in the Samara circus, and now there goes on tour also Circus on ice so on an arena the present skating rink, and in a hall is filled in, to put it mildly, is fresh. The singer has run out on a scene a black silk jacket with deep cut, and on a back the inscription " sparkled; Leo .

  - Thanks you that could these uneasy days for all come here! - has greeted samartsev Leo. - Last time we saw one and a half years ago! So today I will entertain you. But, not to overstrain and to bother you, I will long not sing. How much at us in the program of the songs, two? Twelve? Well, means I will accustom to drinking 12 songs. Or 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, itself I do not know, how it will turn out! - the star has joked.

  Hands for a head, money in trousers!

  In Samara the singer changed scenic suits about four times. For now it smartened up in a make-up room, spectators were entertained by its ballet. Four suntanned sports handsome men is dashing danced in the middle of an arena. They even have put a hat on a border to collect spare cash. But samarchanki have quickly accustomed and began to thrust denominations to dancers directly in trousers!

  - And tell crisis, - Leontev has shaken a head, touching the denominations selected at dancers. - I already observe which year of how they are engaged in this hairsplitting. Sometimes so talently it turns out, as, for example, today.

  - Yes it on beer, here nearby, - children have joked.

  But the actor did not begin to be late on a scene and has risen in a hall. There he has afforded poobnimatsja with fans and pootkrovennichat with spectators:

  - In an arena or on a scene constantly you test the oppressive sense of responsibility, all time it is necessary to prove, play something, and here it is necessary nothing. Sit to itself and photograph, truth? - He has scolded the girl who has aimed at him a mobile phone. - sing better! - he has offered it.

  - And I do not know words . - she admitted.

  - Give I! - the fan of years 50 Has joined in dialogue. - study, youth! - she has scornfully thrown young fanatke, having sung some lines from a song of Leonteva.

  - And now I will accustom to drinking one of songs of those far years when show business then also words - that such did not exist, was for me extremely attractive. And today give I will keep silent, that me did not deport. - and Leo has tightened well-known the Street organ - the gipsy .

  And in a hall that unusual status when all hall falls into a trance in the meantime reigned, moves lips in a step to music, and their thoughts soar where - that far, there, where they are immensely happy. On concerts of Leonteva many go not only from - for the actor known to a name and words familiar since the childhood about love, but also from - for excellent games of musicians and professionally put show. This evening even the habitues of secular actions tempted with cultural variety remained in delight.

  the Miracle in feathers

  - we Pass by the most romantic moment of our meetings when the star starts to prepare itself and favourite spectators for parting procedure, - there has carefully begun Leontev.

- it is not necessary! - spectators Have protested.

- I want to show simply to you as it usually becomes, - their musician has calmed. - At first the right part of audience is clasped by attention, carried out nizhajshy the prostration, full the deepest respect (the actor has slightly inclined a head - the Bus comment) Then the star accurately sideways starts to search for side scenes, and grateful public breaks off circus an applause. Similar procedure is made with the left part of audience. And, at last, the third prostration addressed all present, then breathless corpse of a star, shaken with sobbings from forthcoming separation from spectators falls on hands in time the appeared in time colleagues. Hey, release me! I want to them! - Valera has started to escape from tenacious hands of the dancers. Also has again returned to spectators: - If you have paid attention, I never similar things allow myself. After all we yet have not sung one, but very important song. About us and, of course, about love.

  the Song You me do not forget the hall supported completely an applause. And Valera at last needed to present the dancers only:

  - all the evening long before you ballet " somersaulted; Dangerous liaisons . There were at me many communications, but such dangerous - never!

  On last song the star left in the black silk suit decorated with huge feathers, as if the ritual dress of the Indian. Having executed it, Leontev all - taki has said goodbye.   and spectators even after its leaving still for a long time gave a standing ovation to Valera.