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Bono declared Paul McCartney sacred

Ceremony MTV European Music Awards passes every autumn in a large European city (last year it there was Munich, now - Liverpool). Yesterday it has taken place already in the fifteenth time. Channel MTV - Russia showed it on the air and will repeat in record on Sunday, in 13. 00.

In spite of the fact that ceremony is called “ the European musical awards “ prizes on it at all always get to inhabitants of the Old World. To the contrary, usually the majority of trophies gets to Americans and they become the main stars of show. This time Pink has won a prize for “ the Most affectionate track “ (that on EMÀ is equivalent “ to the Best song “; that there was composition So What), and distressful Britney Spears - prizes for the best album Blackout and as the best performer. Behind prizes it has not arrived to Liverpool, having limited to the gratitude written down on video.

Sir Paul, having heard from Bono`s mouth (on the right) that became   sacred, has a little become puzzled. click and look a photo gallery.
the Photo: AP

Europeans have appeared in flight - unless group Tokio Hotel has received an award as “ the Best hedlajner “ (the best concert performance meant - Germans have defeated this category “ to a Metallica “ and “ Linkin Park “) .   Still has unexpectedly carried to English singer Riku Estli forgotten, apparently: it has bypassed Britney Spears, Christina Agileru, U2, Tokio Hotel and Green Day   in honourable category Best Act Ever (something like “ the Best in the world the actor “). The peak of glory of Estli has had on the end 80 - h when there was song Never Gonna Give You Up. In 2008 - m it again became sensation thanks to the Internet joke:   the allocated links to different sites contrary to any logic conducted on YouTube, on page with a clip of Estli. Hardly someone thought that thus elderly already the singer will find again the star status.  

Well, and most known of recent liverpultsev - Pol MakKartni - has won prize Ultimate Legend (something like “ the Legend it`s the limit “) . The award has been invented specially for sir Paul which to name simple a legend already really as - that not from a hand. Bono who were handing over to MakKartni a prize, declared: “ Should tell one thing on behalf of all actors in this hall. All of us suspect that after our death when from this perfect hall there will be no also a trace, our names and songs will be forgotten. Here there is only one person, whose songs prebudut for ever and ever! Only one, whose creativity is immortal! You name its sir, and I am a lord, sacred Polom MakKartni! “

It is no wonder that McCartney has stepped on the stage in some confusion: “ At all I do not know that to me dlat after such preface “. However, new intoned sacred all - taki has quickly oriented and has thanked the family, friends, Britain, “ companions of Ringo, George and John “ and also, taking an opportunity, the American people that that has chosen Barack Obama`s president.

Pink knows that such qualitative “ otzhig “. Click and look a photo gallery.
the Photo: AP

On a broader scale Obama was the main subject of evening. The leader, American Katie Perr, has told: “ Perhaps, now Europe again will fall in love with us “. Dzhared Lito, the actor and the leader of group 30 Seconds To Mars (she has defeated a nomination “ the Best fate - performance “) Has stepped on the stage in a T-shirt with Obama`s portrait and has asked public to rise in honour of the new president.

Russia on this party has appeared to some extent in flight. Dima Bilan who has entered into the five of applicants for a rank “ the Best European executor “ but with a crash has blown to executors from Turkey, Italy and Israel, taken accordingly the first, second and third places.

WHO HAS defeated?

the Best executor - 2008

Britney Spears

the Second place: Lyons Lewis

the Third place: Rihanna

the Best album

Britney Spears - Blackout

the Second place: Lyons Lewis - Spirit

the Third place: Coldplay - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends  

the Video star (“ the Best video clip “)

30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie

the Second place: Santogold - L. E. S. Artistes

the third place: Weezer - Pork and Beans

the Most affectionate track (“ the Best song “)

Pink - So What

the Second place: Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl

the Third place: Kid Rock - All Summer Long

Fate - the executor

30 Seconds To Mars

the Second place: Metallica

the Third place: Paramore

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