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Quality of a product - pledge of respect of the buyer

how the dairy industry promptly today develops, how much new dairy products appears annually on counters of shops the buyer,   becomes what every year exacting and strict; it is indisputable and obvious that milk is a basis of a daily diet of our citizens. “ milk - really a national product, to which very much   the buyer exactingly concerns. High quality of dairy products, their freshness and naturalnost - pledge of respect and love of the consumer,   and, hence, success modern   the enterprises of the dairy industry “ - are assured of Open Company “ UGMK - Agro “.

Open Company “ UGMK - Agro “ (Manufacture “ Verhnepyshminsky dairy factory “) - One of the largest enterprises of the dairy industry in Ural Mountains. Daily the enterprise overworks more than 90 tons of milk - raw materials, making 35 names of dairy production under a trade mark “it is healthy!”.   a basis of a raw-material base for manufacture makes   the milk arriving from own cattle-breeding enterprises of agroholding, possessing modern   highly effective dairy complexes: Joint-Stock Company “ Agrofirm “ Patrushi “ -   Sverdlovsk area, Open Company “ Agrofirm “ Bajramgul “ - Republic Bashkortostan, Joint-Stock Company “ Agrofirm “ Shutihinsky “ - the Kurgan region.

such vertically integrated industrial structure   allows to supervise stably high quality of dairy production “FINE!”   since feeding dojnogo flocks. And at processing of the milk which has arrived from economy, the Verhnepyshminsky dairy factory uses the advanced technologies and the equipment that all vitamins and the microcells containing in initial raw materials allow to save.   each stage of preparation of production is watched closely by skilled engineers - microbiologists and laboratorians of the dairy enterprise. Exact observance of the technological process absolutely excluding   use of dried milk and application of artificial additives, synthetic aromatizatorov and preservatives allows to receive   perfect taste of production. The stable and skilled collective of the enterprise is one more composed success in release of high-quality dairy production “FINE!” Many workers stood at sources of creation of dairy factory.

Open Company “UGMK - Agro” marches in step with modern requirements of the consumer quickly reacting to its preferences, creating new products and offering new services, supporting confidence at the consumer in the qualitative activity for the society blessing.

with day of quality! Also feel FINE!    

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