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Management - education at pedagogical university - technology of professional success!

in the modern world the great attention is given to quality questions. And the sphere of education - not an exception.   today our university recognises the position as the subject of the market and, hence, recognises that all laws of market economy operate and in the market of educational services.

in the conditions of an escalating competition we aspire to show to the consumers that are capable to prepare the expert qualitatively. Quality of education in this case is considered by us as: 1) set of qualitative characteristics of the most educational process; 2) quality of results (level of professional knowledge, abilities, skills trained and etc.) .

Who is consumers in the market of educational services? It: 1) the state and a society which demand development of national economy and expect growth of welfare of citizens;
2) the concrete organisations (establishments, the enterprises, firms) which expect professionally competent experts;
3) trained which aspire to raise the intellectual, educational level to receive a trade to be claimed on a labour market, to raise the social status and to improve a standard of life.

that garantirovanno to prepare the expert meeting the modern requirements, it is necessary for high school to operate quality. At management faculty enough wide experience in this point in question is saved up. In March, 2008   FMPK and the personal computer together with two other divisions of university has passed the international certification and has obtained the certificate on compliance of educational, educational and scientific activity to the international standards ISO 9001:2000.

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the Faculty takes part in tenders for vocational training of experts of the branch organisations, carries out consulting. So, thanks to the tender won by high school, FMPK and the personal computer together with jurisprudence faculty realises the state contract on improvement of professional skill of investigatory workers of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on the Ural federal district. Recently also the tender for carrying out of I All-Russia scientifically - practical conference of Open Company " has been won; Tobolsk - Neftehim devoted to problems of correct formation of a personnel reserve.

for quality maintenance of education FMPK and the personal computer gives particular attention to questions personnel and the software, studying of requirements of consumers. At faculty competent experts who have experience of practical administrative activity work. Important qualities of teacher FMPK and the personal computer - mobility, theoretical knowledge in a combination to ability quickly to react to occurring changes. The high professional grade of teachers proves to be true various achievements.
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For example, five teachers became winners of the All-Russia competition the Best scientific book - 2007 (Sochi). Also teachers regularly raise the qualification not only within the Russian Federation, but also abroad. In June, 2008 of 10 teachers exchanged experience with colleagues in Academy of political education and the international youth contacts (Germany).

Recently the faculty gives more and more attention to studying of interaction with environment. Questioning among entrants, students, graduates and employers are spent. It helps to specify the purposes and training problems, to introduce corrective amendments in educational process, to pull together expectations of employers, students and investigators of system of improvement of professional skill. According to faculty, more than 80 % of graduates work on the received specialities, 18 % create the business.
today FMPK and the personal computer for many - a way of professional development and career growth. The faculty offers the qualitative perspective education directed on formation of the successful and competent expert, keeping up to date.
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