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In Samara yesterday there were two major accidents

Sharp deterioration of weather, a rain, the sleet and slush have led to quantity increase dorozhno - transport incidents. Motorists will not adapt in any way   to driving in the conditions of a bad weather. Do not maintain an optimum high-speed mode and risk, leaving on an oncoming traffic strip. As a result for one day only near Samara prizoshli two major accidents with human victims.

  the Highway from settlement Volga towards airport Kurumoch usually is not loaded by motor transport, drivers quite often develop here decent speed. On one of road sites there was collision KAMAZa and the car 14 VAZOVSKY models. Legkovushka has at great speed left on vstrechku . The driver of the truck has as far as possible nestled on the roadside, however failures to avoid and it was not possible.

    -   The driver of a motor vehicle VAZ - 2114 has not managed to drive, which moved from settlement Volga towards settlement the Birch, has left on an oncoming traffic strip. There was a collision with car KAMAZ, - the inspector dorozhno - patrol service of the Krasnoyarsk Department of Internal Affairs   has informed us; Sergey Kotin.

  the Driver legkovushki, 30 - the summer inhabitant of the Volga area, has died on the spot, rescuers have taken its body from pokarezhennoj cars. The passenger remained is live. According to eyewitnesses, it on a broader scale where - that has escaped from a scene, probably, in a state of shock.

  And after an hour near Samara there was one more large road accident. Around 18 kilometres, about settlement Zhigulevsk gardens. Here have faced the seven and Audi - 4. The reason - all the same - departure on a counter strip. The girl, driver Zhigulej, most likely, villages more recently for a wheel.   without having managed to drive, it   ran into counter Audi.

    - Preliminary the seven VAZ - 21074 has taken out on an oncoming traffic strip to what the brake trace and a blow place bears. From what the driver - the woman, -   was lost; the inspector dorozhno - patrol service of the Kirov area of an island Samara has told the Novel of Warriors.

  one of passengers of the Zhiguli has seriously suffered also. At the elderly woman crisis of a foot and cranial - a brain trauma.

    - At us today it already the second call, practically successively on an entrance to Samara. Here we took the victim from the car, unfortunately the victim, the driver was lost.   It was necessary to work as the hydraulic tool, but, unfortunately, to help we could not any more, - has shared sspasatel poiskovo - a life-saving service of the Samara region Alexey Regetsy.

  And here the driver of a foreign car has not suffered, have worked security pillows.