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The lady`s man

the Director - Paul Valentinovich Juzhakov

At intention to make of my product of a drama it is not necessary to be afraid of distortions and alterations, taking initial thought to change absolutely a plot
F. M.Dostoevsky

Performance is put under Valery Semenovsky`s play the Lady`s man the theatrical critic, the former editor-in-chief of magazine Theatre . The play is written under the story Poor people Feodor Mihajlovicha Dostoevsky

Paul Juzhakov: For us event was that the author of the play Valery Semenovsky has expressed desire to arrive to us and to participate in process. It is interesting. We did not have a problem to restore Dostoevsky`s times, in it there is no sense because the play is written is very modern. It will be stylisation. In the novel two heroes: Makar Devushkin and Cooking Dobroselova. And an epistolary novel. Here the author as it seems to me, has very talently processed an initial material, and the third character - SOMEBODY has entered into the play. This character - the person from theatre, on it actually lies function of communication with the present, and those problems which we together with actors have tried to solve - they are modern. Naturally, in the beginning of work we have re-read Dostoevsky`s novel. When you put classics, there are certain stamped representations about a material, nurtured in us school, critics, theatre. All the same there are certain notions of Dostoevsky. For anybody not a secret that when spectators come, ask about the forthcoming premiere, learn that Dostoevsky is expected, it calls at once tearing away reaction. There is such, a truth? And when we have faced this play, at us such sensation has disappeared. Dostoevsky has opened for us on the other hand. It has appeared not only interesting, but also absolutely modern writer. Both this present and problems which Dostoevsky lifted and which lifts Semenovsky together with Dostoevsky and together with us, they will be accessible and understood to public.

Paul Juzhakov: I am ready To criticism. Unfortunately, I did not see those statements to which the criticism was ill-disposed. But that we do now it is very serious and on - to the present. And that we do here at the theatre, has no relation to an easy genre of a tavern.