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To whom apartment in Kazan on a pocket?

a mortgage today - pleasure expensive


to Take or not to take?

the girlfriend One of these days has called.

- I Have sold all - taki grandmother`s apartment. And now I think, a leah it is necessary to get into a mortgage? I want to expand the living space. What you will advise? - It has puzzled me by phone.

And indeed, a leah it is necessary to take now the credit or, can, is better wait? With this question I have decided to be converted to experts.

- All depends on requirements of the person. If at it “ burning “ a situation when the apartment is necessary extremely, of course, it is necessary to take, - Valery Absaljamov, the president of Guild of realtors RT is assured . - But if there is a possibility to wait ones and a half - two years it is better money popriderzhat. Let the situation in the real estate market is a little normalised.

Have returned to the past

the Most serious changes in the market have concerned bank borrowers. If earlier a mortgage could take and people of middle class, now it on a pocket only to rich men. In September on 1,5 - 2 % have grown interest rates. By November there was one more jump, and today the minimum interest rate annual under the credit - 15 %, and average across Kazan - 17 %.

- We have returned by that moment when the mortgage in Kazan only - only began, - director AN " explains a current situation in the mortgage market Anastas Gizatova; the Happy house “. - I one of the first took at that time the credit for apartment. Today interest rates on a mortgage have already jumped even that 15 - a percentage boundary which was initially.

requirements on an initial payment Have become tougher also. Even in the summer on the average across Kazan it made 10 - 15 % from initial cost of apartment. Now the minimum lath - 30 % from a total cost. Banks are reinsured - to risk money during an astable financial situation in the world markets wants nobody.

there is more than attention now and to the borrower. According to the Kazan analysts if earlier by consideration of a nominee banks countenanced an order 60 - 65 % of mortgage transactions today this lath hardly reaches 30 - 40 %.

prospects: falling of the prices will proceed

the Prices for apartments now on the sly began to decrease. In the primary market they have fallen to 0,3 %, on secondary - practically on 1 %. But, under forecasts of realtors, this falling should proceed.

- the Prices will fall on 10 %, - Valery Absaljamov assumes. - But now on a broader scale something to predict difficult. Too astable situation and not only in Tatarstan, and all over the world. And if to consider also flexibility of rouble in immediate prospects which promise the Central Bank of the Russian Federation then on a broader scale about any forecasts while to speak it will not turn out at all.

It is necessary to wait for spring of 2009. Probably, in the beginning of April the situation though will a little be cleared up. But anyway problems with real estate the next two years will solve difficult. It is necessary, that to begin with where - that there was a deficiency, and at us in republic now ponastroeno it is a lot of, and to buy there is nobody.

Consumer ability tatarstantsev falls every day. And the next year will not improve a situation - the prices for products, for housing and communal services tariffs will grow, and salaries will not increase.

the Kazan experts unanimously notice that comes “ an era of expensive money “. What does it mean for the usual mortgage borrower? Its chances of acquisition of own apartment will decrease. Though already now to take a mortgage - it is almost impossible, if you do not have good guarantor and high “ White “ salaries.

the Portrait of the ideal borrower

In the conditions of crisis at first local, and then and the federal banks presented in republic, have toughened requirements to the borrower. Now the ideal mortgage borrower looks so:

*Работает on a profile of the received speciality

*Стаж on last place of work - not less than two - three years

*Специальность the credit history

*Легко is claimed on a labour market

*Хорошая can to pay an initial payment for apartment

*Его the family budget - not less than 40 - 45 thousand rbl. a month

the Social mortgage of change will not concern!

It was promised tatarstantsam personally by President RT Mintimer Shaymiev. As soon as the problem with a classical mortgage as the people, planning to take sotsipoteku has begun, have given in to a panic: here now and here tariffs will grow... And after all even a social mortgage not to each family on a pocket.

But in this area all remains on - former:

*Срок crediting - till 28,5 years

*Процентная the rate under the credit - 7 % annual

*При certain conditions the initial payment can be absent (№ 188 Cabinet RT decision see a site www.)

*Есть to pay habitation cost and (or) production of a personal part-time farm

Immutability of all these conditions the president of Tatarstan has confirmed possibility with own work and in the recent reference to members of the Government and the republic State Council. Moreover, Mintimer Shaymiev has assured that rates of building for needs sotsipoteki remain former so, still many and many families can buy apartment on the lowest in republic to tariffs.

the Price list

Average cost of square metre of habitation in Kazan for November, 2008

the New building - 38 934 rbl./ sq. m

“ Vtorichka “ - 41 448 rbl./ sq. m

By the way

the Share of mortgage transactions in Kazan

August, 2008 - 50 %

November, 2008 - 40 %

January, 2009 (The preliminary forecast) - no more than 30 %

*Средние the data on the Kazan realtor agencies

Only figures

*Минимальный an initial payment: from 30 % (on new) and from 40 % (on old) from apartment cost.

*Срок the credit: 20 - 25 years.

*Средняя the interest rate across Kazan: from 15 % annual.