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In Surovikinsky area of the Volgograd region opens a uniform window

Since October, 30th in territorial (interdistrict) department 5 Surovikinsky areas of management of Rosnedvizhimosti across the Volgograd region will start to work reception point - deliveries of documents under the cadastral account of the ground areas and the state check in of the rights to real estate.

This service became possible thanks to joint actions of managements of Rosregistratsii, Rosnedvizhimosti and FGU Ground cadastral chamber across the Volgograd region. Now inhabitants Surovikinsky area can legalise papers on the earth in one place, without being broken off between the different organisations.

Concerning the work schedule a uniform window in Surovikinsky area it is necessary to be converted to the address: Surovikino, street Ispolkomovsky, 68, bodies. (84473 9 - 38 - 94.