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Leah Nodo to pay the tax if in the inheritance the apartment, garage, the car and money have got? How to conclude the labour contract with the organisation? A leah operates in Moldova concept a civil marriage ? A leah

Prompt, please, it will be necessary to pay the tax and in what size if in the inheritance under the law have got apartment, garage, the car and money?
Peter Dergach.

the Income received by the physical person as donation or inheritance, is not taxed. However, according to tax laws in the event that the real estate received as inheritance, has the tax obligation which has been not executed by the initial subject of the taxation, it is completely assigned to the new subject. If not executed tax obligation exceeds cost of the real estate received as inheritance, the new subject of the taxation executes the tax obligation in the limits which are not exceeding cost of inherited property.

I have concluded the labour contract with the organisation in which till now I work. I have signed two copies of the labour contract, but mine to me and have not given out. A leah lawfully it? A leah I on hands should have the second copy of the labour contract?
With. P

the Individual labour contract consists in duplicate, one of which remains at the employer, and the second is stored at the worker. Thus to you are obliged to give out your copy of the contract. A leah

Operates in Moldova concept a civil marriage at which unmarried steams can easy divide acquired during joint residing? We with my guy do not want to make out marriage, but it is necessary as - that to regulate our financial relations?

According to our legislation, the Family code regulates the mutual relations following only from officially registered marriage. It is necessary for you to be converted to the general norms of civil law.

On the alimony at divorce the former wife did not submit, as I give money. But a leah costs to me where - nibud to fix it? I have learnt that from me at any moment can ask payments of all alimony and for last years. A leah so it? Perhaps to me it is better through bank as - that to translate means?

the Alimony for the last period can be collected in a judicial order in the event that you evaded till now from their payment. At the moment you can enter into the agreement on payment of the alimony with the former spouse. This agreement consists in writing and makes sure notarially. In it you can establish the size of the alimony (not less than 1/ 4 incomes on one child), an order and terms of their payment.