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On Russia will pass the Sand rain

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Known TV presenter Igor Zorin is on peak svoejkarery. Besides tomorrow it becomes the husband of the most favourite and beautiful girl nazemle - Alisy Luchinoj. But it is not fated to a kind and happy fairy tale bylosvershitsja. On the eve of wedding of Alisa perishes in accident. Loss ljubimojprivodit Igor to full apathy and a suicide.
from death it is rescued by the not taken place mother-in-law - Irina Luchina. From death, but not otodinochestva and emptiness.
at Irina the terrible skeletons in a case. When - that, at the beginning of reorganisation, eyomuzh the bank has organised. When the husband have killed, Irina took bank on itself iushla with a head in work, and the daughter has faded into the background. So Alisa and vyroslavrode near to mother, but not together. Strangely enough, but death of Alisy ipopytka Igor`s suicide restore Irina to life. Races force to stop otbezumnogo and to reflect, a leah there it ran. At it arises planpoznakomit Igor with any girl that that has again found forces to live. Onavystupaet in a role of the matchmaker but instead of falling in love in predlozhennyhkandidatok, Igor falls in love... In Iru.
* the Special prize of a name of sculptor Sergey Konenkova for a moulding zhenskogoobraza, different nobleness and worthiness (actress Marina Majko) - to director Alexander Mohovu on the First All-Russia film festival the Gold phoenix (Smolensk, on September, 27th - on October, 3rd 2008)


Manufacture : Russia, 2009 g .
The director Alexander Mohov
In roles : Marina Majko, Dmitry Isaev, Margarita Shubina, Darya Kalmykova, Gregory - Said of Bugs, Yury Osipov, Evgenie Miller, Darya Majorova, VjacheslavSkibjuk, Alexey Podosenov, Anastas Rypalova, Evgenie Sotnikova, KamilTukaev, Vladimir Svetashov, Maria Bushmeleva

Russia Sunday, 21. 05.