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In Moldova - the first case of death from a pork flu

the Man is registered has returned from Poland on October, 10th, and after ten days doctors first aid delivered it in municipal clinical hospital 1. The status of the patient was heavy: sharp warm and pulmonary insufficiency was observed. Doctors have found out in the patient symptoms of new type of flu A (H1N1).

for treatment Ministry of Health has generated the special commission over which supervised vitse - minister Oleg Lozan. For life of the man the best experts struggled: infektsionisty, anaesthesiologists, reanimatologi, epidemiologists. But to rescue the patient it was not possible: the man has died in the evening on October, 23rd. However, physicians consider that a cause of death not so much new type of the flu, how much accompanying diseases.

- the patient had a pulmonary and warm insufficiency, a bilateral pneumonia, at present we cannot tell precisely what exactly the flu virus has called death of the patient. That he has played the destructive role it clearly, it is necessary to learn, in what measure, - the deputy minister has told, appearing on television.

Doctors assert that the man could be rescued, if he was converted to physicians earlier. Nearby 50 persons with whom communicated died, including relatives and the medical personnel, will be under clinical control.
till now doctors of republic suspected virus A (H1N1) at 116 persons, infection with a new virus has proved to be true only in 16 cases.