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The author of the novel « da Vinci Code » wants to meet the Pope

we Will remind that da Vinci Code Dan Brown with art scope told about latin church plot, as has called negative reaction from religious figures.

They accused the writer of the reviling of feelings of believers, in distortion of the facts and the disrespectful relation to history. But the same factors were also the reason of wide popularity of the novel (the circulation in the sum has made more than 80 million copies).

Brown as the person sensitive and understanding mechanisms of success at public, has decided not to turn off from a right course - and here its new intriguing creation under the name " is already ready; the Lost symbol (the novel left in the West on September, 15th). Only for the first days from counters dared more than one million books!

Having a presentiment of new friction with church, Dan Brown also asks on reception to the pontifex. More precisely, he hints that would be more tactful, if the initiative starts with Vatican. And it - that there and then would come tearing along, though according to the writer, the Father hardly will manage to shake it on a way to true. But it and is unimportant, because it is the most important, as you understand, public relations.