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The present American is proud of the native land of the USA which have defeated Hitler in the Vietnamese war in Iraq!

- to light will not be?
- I am a boxer... And three days ago has already explained that I do not smoke.
- excuse, the eye has swum away, has not learnt. Rich will be...
* * *
the nature Law: if the girl has fainted, nearby necessarily there will be the one who will lose conscience.
* * *
the Doctor hands over discharged from hospital the bill. That is stunned:
- a fig to itself! It that so is a lot of - that, the doctor?
- ah, you at all do not represent, that I should overcome temptation to finish your most interesting case before opening.
* * *
the Following Nobel Prize of the world it is planned to award to Christina Orbakajte and Ruslanu Bajsarovu. For the outstanding contribution to business of achievement of the agreement of lawsuit.
* * *
To one monastery there has arrived the commission from priors of other monasteries and with amazement sees that friars during a prayer smoke!
- well also what? Our monastery requested the Synod, a leah it is possible to smoke during a prayer.
- also what have responded you?
- that is impossible. And then we have asked, a leah it is possible to pray during smoking, and to us have told that is possible. See, all depends on question statement!
* * *
- Prada - be fashionable!
- the collective-farm market - carry and do not show off!
* * *
the Announcement: for very interesting, entertaining work the manager is required to Bank. To occupy, occupy, occupy from clients it is as much as possible!
* * *
To my horsy a half-muzzle kernel has taken down...
(A. V.Suvorov, letters to the daughter.)


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