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That is necessary for apartment privatisation

Our family now lives in not privatised dvushke. In the future would like to dispose of this habitation independently. Therefore we are going to issue real estate in the property.
Marina Pletnev. Area Brateevo.
As have explained in capital Department of a housing policy and available housing, behind free consultation and the further registration of privatisation of apartment it is possible to be converted into department management in the district:
street Marxist, d. 24
Schepkin`s street, d. 9
Volokolamsk sh., d. 7
severo - EAST
Goncharov`s street, d. 15
street Lensky, d. 28
street Shcherbakovsky, d. 5
Volgograd pr - t, d. 60, a building 3
street 1 - I New Kuzminsky, d. 10
University pr - t, d. 4
street Bogdanova, d. 50
Rublevsky sh., d. 99, a building 1
street Youth, a building 05
All of them work so: pn. - cht. - 9. 00 - 18. 00, pt. - 9. 00 - 16. 45. Without interruption. Pay attention: in districts where some addresses are specified, and also in Severo - the Western and Southern districts reception is conducted depending on a residence of applicants. Specify by help phones specified more low, in which management you can accept.
Besides it, in each regional justice additional receptions for giving of statements on privatisation are opened. They work so: pn. - cht. - 9. 00 - 18. 00, pt. - 9. 00 - 16. 45. A break with 13. 00 to 14. 00.
pay attention: irrespective of, in what service one window - in a justice of the area or district prefecture - it is more convenient to you to bring the statement, it everywhere has identical validity. Reception of statements everywhere should last till 0 o`clock 0 minutes on March, 1st, 2010.
As before, department managements in districts at will of Muscovites accept statements or by a principle one window or in the form of full packages of documents. In the first case the applicant should not most collect necessary inquiries and extracts. Enough all full age and minor the tax in " is more senior 14 years to members of a family; one window the statement to which x-copies of passports (birth certificates) are put. Thus originals of passports (for minors till 14 years parents or trustees bring originals and x-copies of birth certificates) are necessarily shown. Make all it one of full age members of the family, registered in privatised apartment can. If interests of a family are represented by the authorised representative then will be necessary also notarially certified power of attorney, and also a x-copy of the passport of the authorised representative (with an original presentation).
If you want to collect independently a package of documents for privatisation then such papers are necessary to you:
- the documents proving the identity of the citizen of Russia and confirming constant check in in Moscow on the area which you want to issue in the property (it there can be, for example, a passport). Pay attention: also x-copies of passports (with a presentation of originals at giving of documents still will be necessary for the employee of department) - for persons is more senior 14 years. For minors - x-copies of birth certificates (with a presentation of originals on reception at the housing inspector);
- the expanded extract from the house register from the moment of apartment settling (with entering not only registered at present, but also all left) and the inquiry on passport replacement (with instructions of requisites of all documents and changes of surnames since 1991). Free of charge in day of the reference they are given out by the operator of a passport office in engineering service of your area (the former financial settlements centre). At reception of these documents necessarily check correctness of a writing of a surname, a name, a patronymic, date of birth, requisites of passports. On all documents there should be a number, the signature with decoding of a surname of the official and the press. The extract and the inquiry are valid two months;
- originals of the warrant (order) and the contract of social hiring. Warrants stood out basically executive committees earlier. Contracts sotsnajma made out until recently local housing - operational offices. Now to give out them it is entrusted to Department of a housing policy and available housing of the government of Moscow;
- the inquiry from registration body (it can be BTI or registration chamber in your region) that the applicant did not participate in privatisation in the previous residence - only for arrived to Moscow from other regions of Russia;
- a copy of the financial personal account for privatisation of rooms in communal flats. Free of charge in day of the reference it is given out by the operator of a settlement part in engineering service of your area. The copy is valid one month;
- the cadastral passport and an explication of privatised habitation. In time no more than ten days are obliged to give out in territorial BTI in the apartment location. Pay attention: for privatisation these documents should give out free of charge. They are valid one year;
- the receipt on state tax payment (500 rbl.) . The form is given out free of charge on primary reception by the employee of your management of Department of a housing policy.
Pay attention: in each specific case responsible for official registration of papers on privatisation the employee has the right to demand additional inquiries, extracts and other papers.
Registration of a package of documents on privatisation of habitation and its direction in registering body should occupy no more than 30 working days from the date of reception and demand check in. All procedure of privatisation under the law should last on the average no more than two months.
Muscovites can be converted also into the uniform centres of privatisation (Ryazan pr - t, d. 32, bodies. (495) 379 - 97 - 88; street Shcherbakovsky, d. 41, bodies. (495) 369 - 49 - 59, 369 - 22 - 62). The work schedule: pn. - cht. - 9. 00 - 18. 00, pt. - 9. 00 - 17. 00. A break with 12. 30 to 13. 30.
the Help information can be received by phones of Department of a housing policy and available housing of Moscow:
- a hot line concerning privatisation: (495 690 - 39 - 60 (pn. - pt. - 10. 00 - 17. 00);
- free telephone help concerning registration of the rights and transactions with real estate in Moscow: (495 783 - 75 - 43 (pn. - pt. - 9. 00 - 20. 00);
- an answering machine on habitation privatisation: (495 629 - 77 - 97 (round the clock).

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