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Nelli Uvarova has turned in office plankton

the Office is not only a fax, the employee of security service, a cooler with water and a corridor with partitions. It is epicentre of passions where everyone is under pressure supervalues : sex and career. New performance RAMTa, ridiculous and sad simultaneously, in three short stories tells about life office plankton . The young employee of Sabine (Maria Ryshchenkova) dreams to receive a new post. The mistress of the company, 35 - summer Angelika (Nelli Uvarova), receives on Sabine the letter of recommendation from... Own husband - its directors. you know that mean creative potential and high efficiency ? - asks Angelika - Uvarova the young employee. Is means that you have overslept with my husband. Want dotrahatsja before fast of the head of department? Does not leave . They are are unfortunate, as sisters - twins. The office is game in anything race behind illusory values, hopeless loneliness and neurosises.
- We tell not about office life, and about ourselves, - admitted to me after prime ministers Nelli Uvarova. - As I have understood, in a corporate plankton it is possible to turn not only at office, but also in other spheres where to work life is subordinated. I very much love the work, and it excuses the only thing. But the role of Angeliki has sounded for me a call: expensive, you 29 years, and very soon you will become same, as thy heroine, - successful, but lonely. Therefore I wait for changes in the private life.