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Arctic Sea it is necessary to rescue once again

on October, 19th, after three months after the beginning of the distressful swimming and two months after clearing by the Russian military seamen, dry-cargo ship Arctic Sea still has not reached a place naznachanija and has not returned to the port of registry.

Under data, the vessel on - former is in Mediterranean sea. Has changed nothing and in position of four forcedly remaining onboard crewmen - the captain, the boatswain and two mechanics - which state of health demands the prompt intervention of doctors.

No concrete news at me are present. But the hope of success of negotiations with Malta remains, - Victor Matveev, the director of company Solchart operating a vessel has declared. - after the electronic letter from the captain which we have received more weeks ago - actually, call for help - messages from the command were not. We are converted into all possible instances, asked about assistance and trade union of seamen .

Recently there were assumptions that to owner Arctic Sea, probably, for any reason the current situation and the company here is favourable - here declares bankruptcy and will remove from itself the further responsibility for crew and the timber carrying vessel. Victor Matveev has noticed that hearings about bankruptcy Solchart have not something in common with the validity.

Moreover, despite very uneasy situation in world navigation, despite enormous losses which are born by our affiliated company (Arctic Sea LTD, Malta), despite failure to which vessel Arctic Sky which is in our management, despite a large quantity of gamble in a press around Arctic Sea and on a subject " has got; Solchart - the bankrupt I declare that by results of this most difficult in the history of the company of year we leave on the good financial indicators, allowing to consider the further development of activity of the company - the director has told.

the Situation with a vessel has developed really unknown, it is possible to tell - fantastic. The timber carrying vessel which destiny with alarm was watched by the whole world, cannot find now a haven, having got from hands of pirates in legal vacuum . Absolutely not clearly, who after the termination of investigatory actions SKP onboard bears responsibility for crew. The dry-cargo ship, renamed in white papers in floating object (as it is technically faulty and has no fully completed crew), it has appeared temporarily neutral such independent territory at world ocean.

Thus four seamen from the given territory descend on coast cannot even for short time (for example to visit the doctor) as if having come to be in the parallel world . By whom and during what moment has been made a legal error It is necessary to learn still for now it is necessary to find a way out urgently. Concerning crewmen the iniquity is created.