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Americans all - taki have arranged flash on the Moon

at Deep American night on October, 9th, 2009 NASA has struck on the Moon a missile stage, otstykovannoj from probe LCROSS. The fruitful debut idea consisted in analysing a column of a dust which, on estimations, should shoot up on some tens kilometres.

Further - by means of spectrometers   to look in this dust for water traces. Such - shock - way scientists intended to check up a hypothesis that in craters of our natural companion there is a frozen water. Especially - in craters on the South Pole where sun rays almost never get.

Organizers of expensive experiment (one probe cost about 80 million dollars) promised colourful show - a pier, it will be visible from the Earth in amateur telescopes. NASA conducted a direct transmission. Also showed shots of falling of the rocket - removed LCROSS before most to break, having flown by through an explosion cloud. Supervision conducted also numerous observatories on the Earth. But show has not turned out - to great affliction of millions spectators, and scientists of any flash it was not appreciable. Hearings that Americans oblazhalis also have spread.

However as now assures NASA, a dust cloud all - taki has shot up. Though and on very small height. And it at last - that managed to be considered in the photos of high resolution passed with LCROSS - the American space agency has published them. Also has informed that after collision of the rocket with a crater on the Moon surface the funnel in diameter almost 30 metres was formed.

Diameter of a cloud of explosion has made only 7 metres. The picture is made from a probe 15 minutes prior to its falling

- I Think that only we could fix emission, - Anthony Kolaprit (Anthony Colaprete)   speaks; - one of project heads.

By words, the scientist at the moment of shooting the dust has shot up only on kilometre. And from the Earth it would be appreciable, if the cloud has risen at least on two kilometres - then it would be illuminated by the sun and has made visible in telescopes.

At the same time the devices established on other probe LRO, bear: nowadays the dust has risen approximately on 15 kilometres. But the cloud it is thinnish to be distinguishable in a visible range.  

On a question: a leah So is on the Moon water? Kolaprit responds: we Search . Results are expected to the middle of November.