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In Murmansk O`Kej became meeting place of police officers and debtors

- better and not to know about debts!

- Is not present. Better them simply not to have!

Two women have passed by court enforcement officers, smiling and curiously glancing at tables with computers.

past Friday in Murmansk there has passed the next action Pay off with debts . This time - in a hypermarket O`Kej on. Lenin`s avenue, 34. We will remind, last has been organised in TRTS the Forum (see for October, 9th and a site). The action purpose - to give the chance to northerners to learn: a leah is registered behind them any forgotten not paid penalty of traffic police, the transport tax, the alimony or other sins. On a place it is possible to pay off with debts.

- There are problems with gos - avtoinsektsiej. The penalty you will pay, and then as - that you will forget about the receipt, - the lieutenant colonel of customs service Vladimir cleans the passport in a pocket - debts at it are not present. - Me still soon abroad to fly. Here also has checked up, that problems any have not arisen.

- And at us debts are not present, - the young pair laughs. - we sleep easily!

And others the guy with the girl have approached to police officers. And knowingly. At the young man the outstanding penalty in 100 roubles for the delayed transits.

- Now I do not need to go anywhere more? - The guy who has paid a debt is interested.

- Is not present, - court enforcement officers have assured.

the following person Approaches.

- it is good that have organised such action, and that to Libknehta (in this street there is Management FSSP on Murmansk area. - Red.) Long to reach, moreover and after work, - Olga Viktorovna speaks. - Still it is better, if on Five Corners would spend.
at the woman a debt in 1700 roubles for negotiations on a mobile phone. But severjanka assures that it is not guilty. Says that left from last place of work where has left the office cellular. Here only this - the map was it.

- There someone also has told for such sum, - our interlocutor confirms. A leah

such actions Will be continued, depends on their efficiency. Though looking at result of last, most likely, yes. This time to learn about possible presence of debts for 7 hours of action have wished 360 persons. At 60 there were not paid debts. 42 northerners on a place have paid off with debts for the sum of 49 thousand roubles.