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Evgenie Pljushchenko: the Unique sponsor for returning to me was found by the wife

Pljushchenko admitted that has afforded during performance many improvisations.
a photo: AP
the Olympic champion was out of competition at the Moscow stage of Gran - at
Arena Megasports where passed the Moscow stage of Gran - at on figure skating, dazzled with Evgenie Pljushchenko`s portraits and posters the King has returned! in Russian and English languages. In the man`s category spectators have forgotten about tournament struggle after the short program: What can be an intrigue in Gulliver`s basketball fight and Liliputians? And the champion has shown that has not lost during a pause of the hypnotic art. It has confidently stamped the magnificent cascade 4+3 and, having finished a hall to ecstasy, long before the program ending has shown to tribunes a forefinger, in that sense: I - number 1!
- Eugene to whom this gesture was addressed? - I have asked it after performance.
- All. Simply I wanted to remind, who in wood the owner. Different conversations went: will return, will not return. Someone would be madly glad, if my returning has failed. Therefore I on fingers have shown, who is who that anybody did not have doubts.
- what it was necessary to refuse for the sake of returning?
- From all. After the Olympic Games I have started to eat a spaghetti, meat, to wash down with red wine. Has tried out chocolate. At me absolutely other life has begun, I have tested all those pleasures which so are accessible to the usual person, but are inaccessible to the sportsman. But all is very fast to me it has bothered. I have understood that I do not receive from life of that drive which gives sensation of victory. Over itself, over rivals. And consequently, when the wife has told: Come back! - I was internally ready to it. Here now my trainer Alexey Mishin has told: You drink water, as though at you dry trees after perepoja . And I have already forgotten taste of alcohol. In last Olympic season I have not drunk gramme. And in it too.
- Even on wedding?
- Even on wedding.
- What there were financial conditions of your returning?
- I heard different hearings about it. Ostensibly the federation has paid to me of 5 million dollars that I have acted on the Olympic Games. Actually to me nobody has paid copecks. And now I live at the expense of that money which has earned earlier in commercial shows. Now to me, naturally, it was necessary to refuse them. Someone told that under my returning of the power have found the sponsor. And it too not so. The unique advertising contract which now gives me means, wife Janochka has found - I became face of the firm - the manufacturer of cosmetics. I do not know, maybe, our sport any defective. Taking an opportunity, it would like to be converted to heads of the state: Figure skating too should be helped!