Rus News Journal

« We did not see five years... »

in the evenings went on a disco to rest camp Penkino located nearby. On one of discos I have met girl Veronica. Have got acquainted, spent together time in the companies while its rest has not ended. It has left home, and I - to study in HIGH SCHOOL. Except the address, it to me has left nothing, and its house was in other city.
I waited for summer, hoping that Veronica again will arrive to camp, but camp have closed.
time flew, each of us had life, the problems, pleasures and grieves. But once, when I studied on older years, to me the case has dropped out to visit Veronica`s native city.
it was in October 2007. I have called on it. She did not wait for me, after all from the moment of our last meeting has passed about 5 years, and there were we absolutely not for long. But also I did not wait for a surprise. In a corridor there was a carriage, and in a room the kid cried.
I have become puzzled, but nevertheless we have exchanged phones. And after a week phone call was distributed. Veronica has for fun abused me that I and have not called it. I had to tell truth that I was afraid to destroy her family, after all it has now husband and the child. On what she has laughed, and has told that in a room its younger brother cried!
it there were the happiest minutes of my life after long separation. Then we went together on a skating rink, to cafe, at cinema, went on shish kebabs. Very often we with Veronica and its brother walked in park where us accepted for a married couple that seemed amusing and a little ridiculous. In park we have kissed for the first time. It happens in park. Was the end of summer. There was a rain, and we stood on avenue got wet and could not come off from each other.
after a rain Veronica has caught a cold. I looked after it and then we have told each other the most long-awaited words: I love you .
We together two years, and our feelings have not faded. We hardly can transfer parting even on a short operating time. I understand that I want to wake up near to my Veronica, to make laugh her and to smile in reply to its laughter, I want children from it It - my happiness!