Rus News Journal

The astroforecast for today, on February, 3rd

the Aries
Be guided by the real purposes, live the validity. Then disappointments, losses and problems pass you. Show care in relations with the heads, and it is better not to meet it at all. If meetings not to avoid, be patient.

a Taurus
As they say, many a true word is spoken in jest. And today especially it is recommended to be attentive and to search in humour - support. Today before you there can be a necessity of the decision of a considerable quantity of professional problems and questions.

Day will give perfect possibilities for realisation of any plans and ideas. Use all possibilities which have opened for you for improvement of the financial position and career growth.

the cancer
Will be a lot of routine work and in professional sphere and at home. But there will be a possibility of realisation of treasured dream. Your actions can already lead to success today. Only do not relax, you still can reach much soon enough.

a lion
Day of meetings and sudden revelations. Be ready to that you should recognise the errors. Probably, today you should reconsider some decisions in connection with reception of the new information, prepare for changes.

the Virgin
Excellent day to sign the papers connected with long partnership. You can conclude the favourable contract. Think that prevents to become successful to you in business and try to draw correct conclusions. Search for new ways.

Everything, will suffice to hesitate, it is time to open already own business or at least to undertake new work then also the success to you will soon come. Give chance to Destiny to offer you something brand new for your activity. Wait for new possibilities.

a scorpion
It is not necessary to try to solve all problems with summer. Try to penetrate into a question essence, and not to make the wrong choice a correct way. Show diplomatic talents - reasonable compromises and reciprocal concessions will bring to you more than direct attack on a problem.

the Sagittarius
All today`s problems will demand urgent intervention. Do not postpone anything for tomorrow and about what do not forget. Good day for drawing up of the agreements, concerning professional, financial, commercial activity.

the Capricorn
it is not excluded that today you should communicate much with business partners, try to save calmness. Have patience! Emotional problems can prevent you in professional work and dialogue.

Show courage, and with firmness transfer tests and difficulties. Accidents does not happen, your future depends only on you. That your business brought in high incomes, carefully plan each step. It will bring to you prosperity.

Mutual relations with world around can appear the most interesting and most useful employment. But! Do not try objat the immense. Spend the working day as more as possible actively, after all today you will achieve outstanding results in any affairs.