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In Novosibirsk additional prophylactic medical examination

again starts better to warn illness in advance, than then when it will prove, to run to the attending physician. For this purpose in sew areas which year additional prophylactic medical examination of working citizens is spent.

- Results of additional prophylactic medical examination - 2009 convincingly prove, it is how much important to pass physical examination for the person and in due time to reveal those or other deviations in a state of health, including rather serious, - Vladimir Stepanov, the head of department of public health services of the Novosibirsk region underlines.

All last year inspection have passed 165, 5 thousand persons, from them almost healthy have appeared only 40,6 thousand. Thanks to timely passage of physical examination in 483 Siberians have found out an early diabetes, 76 come have appeared with oncological diseases, and at 37 - mi have revealed a tuberculosis. All of them under supervision of doctors also receive now treatment.

In February in area medical institutions   additional prophylactic medical examination of working citizens again begins. It is planned that in 2010 inspection will pass 130 thousand more Siberians.    

For the inquiry:

the Program of medical examination within the limits of additional prophylactic medical examination includes:

- survey of the therapist, the accoucheur - the gynecologist, the surgeon, the neurologist, the ophthalmologist;
- the general analysis of blood, the general analysis of urine;
- research of level of cholesterol of blood, definition of level of sugar of blood, the biochemical analysis of blood on indicators on which it is possible to diagnose a pathology zheludochno - an intestinal path and kidneys;
- the analysis on oncological and inflammatory diseases (for women is more senior 40 years),   the analysis on onkomarkery (for men is more senior 40 years), elektrokardiografiju, photoroentgenography, mammografiju (for women after 40 years).