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Children`s drawings have printed on vests

the Company the childhood World this year continues one of the most favourite projects: Children`s creativity on firm clothes of a trade mark the childhood World .

Children represent everything on a paper that them pleases and stirs, drawing is the most clear children`s language . Having peered more attentively into the most usual children`s drawing it is possible   to find in it philosophical depths and surprising sincerity.  

dreaming to make convenient and practical clothes for the smallest fashionable and unique,   developers of the company the childhood World were converted to opinion of consumers. Also it has appeared that unique drawing of the smallest artist can become the best author`s print doing model especial and favourite.

that the idea became a production part,   the maintenance of several stages of the action has been developed. The company has involved the steady customers, visitors of a site in competition of drawings www. mirdetstva. ru,   and also participants of festival the Iridescent world which annually passes in the developing children`s centre OGO - a city holding the childhood World .  

- All received drawings have passed strict internal competition, -   has told a brand - the manager of the company the childhood World Sofia Trusjuk. - the Most interesting works have laid down in a basis of design sketches for a new collection of clothes the childhood World . Young designers the childhood World were converted with plans of young colleagues very carefully, trying to save as much as possible at processing of drawings author`s handwriting of everyone konkursanta.

This collection is not similar to one another. Winners of competition not only have received as a gift sets of clothes with own drawings -   they became co-authors of a new collection of a known nursery of the trade mark, leaving in industrial circulation which love and with pleasure their contemporaries carry.

On a label of each such thing the name of the small artist is filled out.

the general director of the company the childhood World Galina Jatchuk notices:
- the Result has appeared pleasant not only aesthetically, but also economically: clothes the childhood World it is well bought up by customers,   At once foreseen a great demand on a new unusual collection.   and the company has decided to prolong the successful project for talented kids.

on all labels of clothes the childhood World   there was again an announcement with competition conditions: it is possible to send drawings of the endowed kids and their cheerful statements to the address info@mirdetstva. ru with a mark On competition Children draw .

- Probably, in each family archive there will be children`s drawings kept as a souvenir.   and the exhibition of drawings of winners of our competition - directly at them in children`s lockers on hangers, - jokes the director for the information policy and Company communications the childhood World Natalia Orlova . -   Not kids carry each thing so carefully and with such pleasure.