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In a zoo of Syktyvkar kajmanu and a turtle have planned offspring

  In the end of January in territory   a Syktyvkar zoo snezhno and it is silent. Many animals in valerah   peacefully   sleep, as, however, and it is registered   it the mother - the nature.   but very soon life will begin to boil, after all plans for kids in a zoo   - to be exact, in Komi republican ekologo - the biological centre - is, and more what! As also last year   was quite successful:

- Yes, last year us   have pleased, - speaks     the livestock specialist Elena Lihacheva. - has especially surprised ornithologists small zheltohohlyj a cockatoo. It     even has scorned the in pair - popugaihoj the kind   and has fallen in love in samochku   a cockatoo of Goffina. In summary   these gentle courtings   on light   at us has appeared   a baby bird - a hybrid!

  Workers   the Center especial   the kid left, have brought up, and now   for it are quiet - quite independent bird   has grown.

And even in the spring of the left year the sweet couple maisovyh polozov has brought into the world six bright polozjat, but, unfortunately, in zoo territory there was only one.

Well and in come 2010 it is expected   next addition at the graceful llama of Carolina.   for mum - llamas it, seemingly,   became tradition -   to bring offspring in the summer, to be exact in June, thereby to please workers ekologo - the biological centre.

- Birth of cubs   llamas -   the good result, - rejoices the livestock specialist of the centre   Alexander Silaev. - After all it is the first hoofed animals in the republic, born and grown up in bondage.

Also already practically on snosjah dark tigrovaja   pitoniha Kesha. An amusing man`s name           it has received on nevnimotru . And when ponjadi that a python of a feminine gender, did not begin to change a name. It already its third offspring and as workers of a zoo, Kesha - very careful mum confirm.

- Kesha already actively gets ready for childbirth, - Alexander Silaev rejoices. - As well as it is necessary     refuses meal, soon will start to be nervous and actively to creep. For example, last time on late terms of Kesha in search of more safe as it seemed to it,   places has managed to run away - has squeezed out a door of the terrarium. Well, far to creep away to it it was not possible, yes she and did not try,   it was curtailed to itself kalachikom under an armchair So     that we without problems have installed it back.

In Center territory now raise pair of imperial boas from which very much want to receive in the near future   an issue.

In a modest small terrarium three years there lives kajmanovaja a turtle. Now this native of the North America does not surprise in the sizes, but can quite grow to semimeter and weigh to 30 kgs. By the way, hishchnitse experts too dream to find this   this year pair and to receive exotic cherepashat. One more future father - young crocodile kajman. To it on krokodilim to measures practically nothing - 5 years. Employees of the centre etogg the lodger with humour name kajman krokodilovich - though the predator also is young, but inherently quite serious representative   reptiles.   to it   experts too have planned   acquaintance to a female   and addition in family.

In May Alexander Silaev will go to Moscow and will necessarily bring   for a zoo of any interesting lodger which will please by all means townspeople and their children.