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In the Barrow realtors have sold to the client not privatised apartment

in the Spring of 2007 Tamara Sviridov has decided to sell the small house in village and to get over in the Barrow. Very much it would be desirable the pensioner to live in city comfort. But on a misfortune the intermediary at purchase of habitation the woman has chosen doubtful agency Authority .

However, at the first meeting with employees of the company nothing has guarded her. Realtors were polite and polite. And conditions that they have offered, it were pleasant to Tamara.

- Apartment we to you will pick up, even dvushku - the pleasant girl has promised, - and you to us pay for official registration of papers of 60 thousand.

Sviridov has laid out advance payment. The apartment and truth was very quickly. The mistress too has appeared compliant. That the transaction has not broken, Tamara and to it has given 90 thousand deposit.

And troubles have then begun. To move down from apartment old tenants did not hurry up. The mistress admitted that its habitation is not issued in the property (and it means that, under the law to sell it it is impossible).

- But if will give 70 thousand more, I will quickly issue privatisation, - the mistress has promised.

Tamara has again opened a purse. And a month later has learnt that this apartment cannot be privatised basically: the city administration has seized the right to reserve it (tenants were installed there illegally). Besides there the child is registered, and the consent to sale apartment is not given by guardianship bodies. But the most unpleasant was in other: both the mistress of apartment, and agency Authority have not wanted to return money Sviridovoj. However Tamara has appeared the persevering lady and has gone to court.

she had legal proceedings With tenants of apartment hardly more year. Has reached the Sovereign court of the Russian Federation. And money (all 160 thousand rbl.) Has returned! And here to master agency Authority it has appeared more difficult. Sviridov has written the application in militia. But the director of agency has broken in races, its office was safely closed. Without having possibility to call realtors on interrogation, the militia has closed business. Then Tamara has written the application in Office of Public Prosecutor.

- Agency Authority it is registered in Barrow territory in the state register of legal bodies, therefore the public prosecutor of a city was converted into court with the claim about collecting from it money in interests of the pensioner, - the public prosecutor of Office of Public Prosecutor of a city of the Barrow of Anastas Kiselyov speaks.

the Judicial claim is based on three articles of the Civil code (item 15, 309 and 393). With their help the Office of Public Prosecutor tries to prove that agency Authority has not executed the obligations provided by the contract that is why should return money. A special emphasis the Office of Public Prosecutor does that   The purchase and sale transaction has broken on fault reltorov, after all they have offered it to Tamara problem apartment.    

P. S. the Name of the heroine and the agency name are changed.


Attentively read the contract

Services of realtors are expensive enough. Thus quite often ourselves sign   enslaving contracts. For example, often there is a point when the real estate agency forbids the client to search for the period of validity for apartment independently. Otherwise, irrespective of results of work of agency, the client is obliged to pay to realtors the large penalty.

- In this case to defend the money, alas, it will not be possible, - have assured us of Office of Public Prosecutor, - after all under the contract you have put the signature voluntary.