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Video and DVD weeks with Stasom Tyrkinym

the Story of the servant

the Director - Folker Shlendorf

In roles: Natasha Richardson, Robert Djuvall, Fej Danuej

* * * *

the Classic of absurdity Harold Pinter has written the scenario on popular in 1980 - h years to the novel of Margaret Etvud about the terrible society of the future which almost completely has lost ability to a child-bearing. For a continuation of the family young women, " respond some; servants which the society a violent way forces to become pregnant, - approximately as the Italian souteneurs force the Ukrainian prostitutes to give birth to children on sale. It is clear that respecting the servant from the future it not begins to be reconciled with the similar belittled position and destiny of dying out mankind to it about one place will be resolute. German Folker Shlendorf, presented to us shedevralnuju a screen version of other ruthless book - the Tin drum Gunter Grass, has shot a picture cold and estetskuju, however not lost the influence on spectators and 20 years after a premiere. One of the best roles in it Natasha Richardson who was tragically lost in last year has played.

Zazi in the underground

the Director - Lui Mal

In roles: Phillip Nuare, Katrin Demonzho

* * * * *

One of early films of French classic Lui Malja - rare (and absolutely brilliant!) Comedy sample in style of the French new wave. It is surprisingly inventive, cheerful, free, fresh and weightless film - hardly probable not the best from this that has been removed about children, though by a children`s film Zazi in the underground in any way you will not name. Babe Zazi, different mind and the ingenuity not peculiar to its contemporaries, comes to Paris to the strange uncle, quite often playing about disguise in lady`s wear (one of wonderful Phillip Nuare`s first roles). The unique dream of juvenile Zazi - to sweep in the Parisian underground, but a whirlwind of extraordinary events and the adventures, started turning it and the uncle, resolutely does not allow to be embodied to this trifling dream.

Bolezn Zahsa

the Director - Michel Devil

In roles: Albert Djupontel, Valeri Drevil

* * * *

the French semiclassic Devil, the master crafty, graceful, inevitably giving literaturnostju film parabolas, was converted in this film to destiny of the family doctors self-denyingly putting life, helping the patients. Forgotten at us after revolution the institute of private doctors saves importance in today`s provincial France. Where, as not in the Russian solitude at the time of Chekhov, the doctor not only writes out medicines, but also looks, listens, observes and quite often describes neighbouring life, quite often being the unique intellectual in district. Awarded a prize for the best scenario at festival in the Dignity - Sebastjane a film of Devilja - doubtless prostration towards the unforgettable Russian doctor and writer Chekhov.

the Buddha has failed with shame

the Director - Khan Mahmalbaf

In roles: Nikbah Noruz, Abbas Alizhome

* * * *

One of the best Iranian films of last time. Has removed it 19 - summer (at the moment of an exit) the Iranian of Khan Mahmalbaf, the continuer of the well-known director`s dynasty which have made an international recognition of the Iranian cinema. Its heroes of the third picture under the bill (!) - the Afghani children playing Talibs and war with America. Blood stynet in veins when group of boys the beret in the hostage 6 - the summer heroine also is going to beat its stones for thoughtless, in their opinion, behaviour. Avoided direct display of military operations young Iranian Mahmalbaf managed to show that violence and war became a way of life and thoughts even children of preschool age.


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