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In Ulyanovsk hunting for smoking mixes

in the country is declared One of these days has earned the federal document, according to which   the Hawaiian rose and a blue lotus has been included in the List of narcotics, psychotropic substances and them prekursorov. Thereupon law enforcement bodies have made the decision on toughening of control measures.

- we Want to remind that owing to introduction of an interdiction for a turn of such kinds of production as Spice, Yucatan Fire, Pep Spice, Zoom, Exses, AM - HI - WITH, Dream and others, containing galljutsinogennye and poisonous components, their manufacture, storage and distribution are criminally - punishable acts, - the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region Vasily Zima has explained. - According to the criminal code of the Russian Federation, fulfilment of the given kind of crimes is punished by imprisonment for the term up to 20 years. Thus the use of such smoking mixes which are not meeting the requirements of security of life and health of citizens, attracts punishment in the form of the penalty at the rate to 1000 roubles or administrative arrest for the term up to 15 days. A leah

Have stopped such restrictions of local shopkeepers by mixes, has decided to check up In shops where realise aromas and tobacco products, our correspondents have gone. Without having found out the forbidden product on counters, we were converted to the seller with a question that is known to it about the new federal law.    

- about any interdiction for sale of smoking mixes I did not hear, - the pretty girl has responded us. - I work here the third day and I trade in that deliver.

Then the young lady, probably, something having suspected, began to assure that all production at them only the legal. It has pleased us. But the young men who passing by and have heard dialogue, have in secret informed that Spice still sell in the booths which have been kept away from Lenin area. The source, wished to remain the unknown person, has opened a secret that in similar stalls realised the forbidden tobacco under the pretext of aromas, and has informed the address a bad point . When we there have arrived, it has appeared that the stall is already taken under control by law enforcement bodies. But all bad places are hardly revealed.


If you know, where there is such point, or possess the information where sell the forbidden mixes can anonymously inform its co-ordinates by telephone hotlines of Management of drug enforcement - (8422 67 - 68 - 04, the regional Department of Internal Affairs   - (8422 67 - 26 - 62, or to the public prosecutor of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region on duty   - (8422 41 - 26 - 09.