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Alexey Litvinenko, the executor of a role of Ilya Yepifanov in a sensational serial School : the Text is thought out on the move

the Most favourite hero!   it such cool! here such to me of the guy: clever, beautiful ... So describe on a fan site of a serial School Ilya Yepifanov which image was successfully created on the screen by actor Alexey Litvinenko.

It seems that the guy does not play at all, and is simple   remembers in front of the chamber the school everyday life. But it not so. Behind the back of 22 - the summer actor serious   base - the Higher theatrical school of Schepkin and work at Roman Viktuk theatre.

In breaks between shootings Schools Alexey has time and to sweep on open spaces of our immense Native land with tours. On February, 15th   the guy will arrive   To Krasnodar, Litvinenko plays one of students of the British sea school which, according to the original scenario, read the immortal Shakespearean text. Said that Viktyuk very much was upset,   when has learnt that the beginning talented actor has acted in film in chernushnoj to School . The novel of Grigorevich was afflicted so that has wanted to separate youth from a scene.     after all before Litvinenko has acted in film in a sensational serial, he stepped on the stage often. Really it will be last tours of Litvinenko? We have phoned Leshe on mobile to learn, how there are its relations with Viktyuk and as there passes work over School .

- Alexey, say, what Roman Viktuk itself has recommended you to the director of a serial, and now feels sorry about it?

- It`s nothing, this all conjectures. The novel of Grigorevich did not recommend me to anybody. Me have simply called from agency which spent a casting,   I have arrived on tests and have safely passed them. Already then Romanu Grigorevichu called Konstantin Ernest and asked to release me on shootings. And on a broader scale,   as far as I know, the Novel of Grigorevich looks each series Schools also it is very happy with my game. One of these days we saw it, and it praised me.

As well as in a serial, Leshe was necessary to struggle for existence.

- As to you a sensation which has arisen round a film?

- On the one hand it is quite good - both the rating grows, and interest to a picture is warmed up. But I am more indignant of censorship. When   show a series without whole sjuzhetoobrazujushchego a piece doing a film absolutely by another, it   badly.

- Spectators consider that in a film of improbably many seamy side and cruelty...

- Yes well, cruelty in a serial has more, than in life. For example, at school in which I studied in Omsk, was where more rigidly. When I remember, how we conducted ourselves, already it becomes a shame. Now I so have never arrived. But then we did not understand much.

- On teachers` meeting how in a serial, you called?

- I am frequent huliganil but as - that managed strongly not to come across. Simply escaped, when it was necessary. Yes, I in something am similar to the hero. But myself I do not play. And on a broader scale Ilya not such the negative. You will see it more close to the serial ending.

- the Film crew Schools Consults to the present teachers?

- For shootings to us have given the ground floor of usual school. We work since morning and see you in the evening, and on Saturday the day off.   sometimes we invite the present teacher that that, for example, has shown how the certain part of an office actually should be issued. Teachers with pleasure go to the aid.

- Alexey, really you learn all text by heart?

- Now we already work on improvisation. That is we say only key phrases, but the majority of words we select on the move. Because the scenary text is written badly. And on a broader scale at us it is a lot of personal liberty. I can rise where I want, to go where I want - the chamber floating, moves for me.

- Parents as concern a film?

- it is normal. They at me young. Besides   are glad that I already can independently earn money.


Alexey Litvinenko, 22 years. Was born in Omsk. During study in lycee played school theatre. Before departure to Moscow worked in one of Omsk theatres. In 2008 has ended V.Koshunova`s course in the Higher theatrical school of a name of Schepkin. Now plays theatre and cinema. Appears on stage of Roman Viktuk Theatre. Acted in a film Children of the white goddess and also in popular television serials Soldiers and School . Preferences in music the most different: from Russian a pop-music to Merlina Mensona.

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