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February will be stably frosty

  When the spring will come, I do not know

the Line from a known song Lyudmila Grigorevna has let know at once to the journalists who have was on a press - conference that for a miracle did not wait. Meteorologists are not omnipresent, that is why it is necessary to be limited to knowledge of weather in February and, more exact - in its first week. The chief of hydrometeorological centre has sounded the data, which its subordinates have summarised in meteorological stations for a winter. Their detailed analysis will help to foretell level of a high water and the size of an agricultural damage. Already now there are fears that at fruit-trees and berry bushes can suffer not only kidneys, but crones with a bark.

- Tests winter and plodovo - berry cultures already prorashchivajut in laboratories, - were told by Lyudmila Anurova. - Soon we learn, how abundant of low temperatures has affected plants.

Weather forecasters have counted February

Last winter month of last year was warmer usual on 2,5 degrees. It would Seem, a trifling difference, but even this February it is not necessary to wait for such insignificant indulgence.

the Future February promises to be hardly colder (average temperature a minus of 11 degrees) and hardly more snow (111 %).

- the next week the amplified anticyclone will bring stable cold weather without any precipitations, solar, - Lyudmila Anurova promises.

the coldest February has been fixed in 1954 (average t - 23 degrees below zero), the warmest - in 2002 (a minus 2,7). The driest February was in 1984 when deposits has dropped out less millimetre (dry February for a year has outstripped dry the law!) .

the next week we enjoy weather on - pushkinski - a frost and the sun, without any precipitations. In the afternoon - 13 - 18, at night - to 23 below zero

It so winters stably teplejut?!!!

the Fourth five-day week of December (with 15 to 20) has surprised inhabitants and meteorologists of area     it is abnormal cold weather. Such crash of December frosts dependently to remember only not suffering affliction sclerosis to the Samara pensioners - 60 years ago the thermometer column fell to similar marks. Even considering that fact that other December was much warmer than norm, the frosty five-day week has drawn statistics in a minus - on 1,5 degrees.

- If earlier we always said that winters teplejut, this year December was   frosty, and January has adopted its relay race, - establishes the fact Lyudmila Anurova.

On temperature a tin December has not stinted, and deposits has obviously regretted - poor winter in the beginning of month still turned green, pleasing an eye of motorists and shocking agriculturists.  

But in January in the first days snowdrifts which cannot rake till now have dropped out. On area snow lies a rough layer 21 - 44 sm, but in Samara - 53! Thanks to a couple of the first snowfalls office of heaven has pursued the scheme on deposits on 112 - 164 %.

January was stably cold, on the average on 5 degrees is colder than the usual.  

- And here solar light in January 90 - 105 hours that almost twice more than last year, - Lyudmila Grigorevna has noted.


p. s. For apples to wait and so it was not necessary (they this year have a rest ), and the cherry and plum should be bought in other regions, so, a leah that?