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Omskneftehimproekt: 57 years together with a city

on February, 17th 57 - ju anniversary from the date of the basis will note Open Society Omskneftehimproekt . One of the best project institutes in the country is engaged in consulting and design engineering for the enterprises oil refining, petrochemical, gas-processing and gazohimicheskoj the industries. Omskneftehimproekt time and again entered into a rating of the most effective enterprises of the Omsk region.

Date of the basis of project institute considers on February, 17th, 1953. The decision on organisation Omskneftehimproekta was accepted in connection with the beginning of building of Omsk oil refining factory. It was demanded by necessity of the operative decision of the non-standard technical problems constantly arising in the course of building. Already then erection Omsk NPZ was proryvnym the project - significant for economy of all country. For 57 years of the   Activity of Omskneftehimproekt as the general designer worked over creation Khabarovsk and Achinsk NPZ, oil refining factory in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid, and all experts of institute zaproektirovali more than 3 500 objects of the oil refining, petrochemical and gas industry.

last years Omskneftehimproekt by right is considered the best Russian design organisation of oil and petrochemical branch. The largest companies of the country - Rosneft, Gazpromneft, LUKOIL, Surgutneftegaz became customers of institute. The Omsk institute works and in the international market. In February the office in Serbia will open: the institute is certain by the general designer of oil refining factories of Serbian company NIS in the cities of Panchevo and Novi - the Garden.   last year Omskneftehimproekt has continued successful cooperation and with the nearest neighbours. The institute has defeated competition on complex designing on deep oil refining at Atyrausky oil refining factory in Kazakhstan.

the Comment of the expert

About with what results the institute meets the birthday, we have asked to tell the general director of Open Society Omskneftehimproekt Igor ZUGU :
It is necessary to tell that last year, despite crisis, enterprise incomes in comparison with 2008 have grown in 2,5 times. It is the present break! Thanks to our employees - to the most experienced experts, - we could achieve such level of planning and management of all processes of designing that now are as equals capable to compete to the foreign companies.

our international agreements became the Focal points of last year for institute, of course. It concerns also contracts on two oil refining factories in Serbia, and agreements with the Chinese company Sinopec Engineering, and continuations of cooperation with our partners in Kazakhstan.

I Think, it is important to note the main thing: last year has shown that demand for the design technological decisions which have come from oil branch, is saved even in difficult economic conditions. I think, it is very important lesson! The Russian oil branch has during the last years stored unique experience. Here the best administrative decisions are concentrated, here the first the advanced technologies come. I think, wider use of innovative decisions of oil branch in other areas of Omsk economy is capable to give to our enterprises an additional impulse of development, to push to use of modern technologies in manufacture and management - Igor Zuga has noticed .