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In Komi the seven-year schoolgirl has rescued the schoolmate brought down by car

- our Elechka - well done Not everyone so could arrive, as it! - with pride speak at Pazhginsky high school about first-grader Elvira Elkinu. In native village that is in Syktyvdinsky area of Republic Komi, now this nice, a bit timid girl is known by everyone. In the end of January the seven-year schoolgirl has made the present adult act - has rescued the schoolmate brought down by car.

Pervoklashki of the Ale and Vitalik Prokushev - friends do not pour water, communicate from a garden - together went to one group. That ill-starred day - there was a day off - children walked in the open air, went for a drive on sanochkah on a hill.

- At us in village even the children`s playground is not present, - mum Eli Ljubov Vitalevna is indignant. - In one and a half kilometres there is a hill, whence children constantly go for a drive, but it is directly on road! Cars - that seldom go, here children and are not afraid … And see, how it has turned out?

And it has turned out quite predictedly: children had fun, noise - bedlam - as usual. And anybody from children at all has not noticed legkovushku which has at once brought down Vitalik who has rolled down downwards on a sledge and has disappeared in an unknown direction.

- I so was frightened, - vospominaet now the Ale. - Vitalik cried, to it was very sick, the clothes have torn directly to a body...

Elja Elkina with mum.

Despite the first fright, the little girl has not become puzzled, and has independently shipped the friend on the second sledge and has carried to adults. It was necessary to carry Vitalik of one and a half kilometre on deserted road. An ale   has dragged the schoolmate to the house of the grandmother of Vitalik.   fortunately, there was a grandmother, and called on to it   at home; mum of the boy.   an ale has told, what`s happened, adults have rushed   to call the fast...

- Has come running home drowned in tears, hardly as has explained to me that has occurred, - gently embraces daughter Ljubov Vitalevna. - But heart rejoices that I the child has not thrown the friend in a misfortune, and has come to the rescue of it.

Vitalik already houses - has a rest and recovers.

the Boy at once have carried in Republican children`s hospital, doctors have found out serious bruises in the child. Now, after a week after state of emergency, Vitalik already houses - has a rest and recovers. And the driver legkovushki all - taki was converted into militia: that evening the man was in a state of intoxication and first was frightened of that has made …

For the shown responsiveness the management of Syktyvdinsky area has decided to award the first-grader. The head of area Arthur Rudolf has disposed to allocate from reserve fund of means for acquisition of a worthy gift for the girl.

- That to hide, recently kind, sincere affairs at us in the world as - that was reduced, - head recognises. - here and the driver who has brought down the boy, has left - nearly has not doomed the child to  destruction. And the Ale - the clear head! Here it has submitted to us, adults an example of how we should be helped each other.

the Director of Pazhginsky school has allocated to a family of the Eliah material aid. Having learnt that at Elkinyh rather modest income - the girl is nurtured by one mum working as the nurse, - Head has decided to make courageous pervoklashke a special gift -   a bicycle. The well-deserved reward in solemn conditions of the Ale will receive within the next few days.  


It not the first case when young inhabitants of this village show heroism. Last summer in Pazhge schoolmates have rescued the kid who has failed in a manhole, for what the area administration has awarded schoolboys with medals “ Mercy “ also has presented to everyone by a cellular telephone.