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Thanks, guys that wings have not combined!

the risk to which our pilots were exposed, was huge. The plane was in such place that for running start could use only half of runway. Razrezhennost air and 40 - gradusnaja heat did not allow engines to develop a total power. Having begun running start directly with a steering path and having deduced the car on the runway middle, the commander has lifted it in air from last plate betonki...

Five from the brave seven. The first picture on freedom.

Our correspondent Igor Chernjak was aboard, taking out heroes home. A question which interests today literally all: Leah our special services are involved in clearing of the Russian pilots?

When on Saturday morning the first message on runaway of seven prisoners of Talibs has come to edition from Kandahar, the lack of versions was not. The first, seeming to the most probable, - ours have thrown out in Kandahar a landing which has carried there all into smithereens - half-and-half, visors of captives and was that. How Americans in Iran in due time have arrived. As in 79 - m the special troops of KGB of the USSR took a palace of Amina in Kabul. It is clear that Russia - it is far not the USSR, but forces - that on carrying out of one lightning operation at it like should suffice. That, having released the citizens, to prove to the world that is live still a smoking-room. That if were not afraid, then respected.

By a dinner the first details began to arrive: a pier, pilots, apparently, have run away. But also after that that it there was carefully planned operation of FSB, GRU, SVR and other was believed. The history with the legendary pilot Devjataevym who half a century ago has departed from a fascist captivity (by the way, Devjataev too from Kazan), looks today as a legend. Times change - well, really, unless it is possible in 1996 simply so, without someone`s help, to escape from a prisoner-of-war camp?

It appears, it is possible. Moreover, apparently, this runaway became a bolt from the blue for the Russian special services and the country leaders. As has told vitse - prime minister Vitaly Ignatenko, we expected an outcome any minute, but all the same all has occurred as - that suddenly . One stroke: during the moment CH our resident in that region has appeared in holiday and, having heard on TV the message on runaway, has been urged to reach a service place in rstrane prebyvanijas using a convenient opportunity.

- ourselves became Special service in Kandahar, - told me in the plane Silt - 62, taking out to Sunday nice crew from Abu - Dabi, its commander Vladimir Sharpatov. - When it became clear that anybody will not rescue us, began to develop runaway variants by own strength. Asked: bring at least gas ballonchiki, electroshock bludgeons, the same clonidine which girls of easy behaviour lull muzhiks, - it is useless. Only before the runaway to me from the house have passed a compass, all truths - iniquities have extracted a map...

- And a leah really, on - to yours, there was a special action carrying out?

- it is absolutely real. We offered - let`s sign a paper that agree clearing with risk for life. There after all at Talibs protection not God knows what, at desire with it any silent pistols it was possible to consult - that, at us professionals does not remain? And first we fine hoped for it. And then to be angry steels: it is more than year not combed and dirty troops over such country izgaljaetsja - and absolutely with impunity.

However, representatives of the Russian power confirm, what not all so is simple and that Moscow did not stay idle at all. Under data from confidential sources, some variants of a power solution of a problem have been developed. But wishing to incur responsibility it has appeared a little: guarantees any, and a victim could be considerable. As a result have decided to concentrate at negotiations and the repayment.

- All work on clearing was conducted is very closed and is not striking - we did not presume to ourselves advertising.

However pressure upon Talibs went in all possible ways, - Vitaly Ignatenko tells. - Twice about it Boris Nikolaevich spoke with Bill Clinton, Victor Stepanovich called to Albert Goru, repeatedly we were converted and to a management of Pakistan, Iran, Morocco, Sudan, other Muslim countries, into the United Nations. In parallel offered a management of Talibs money - today at us onboard spetsgruz: Two bags with several millions dollars cash. We gave them in exchange for our people, and did not bargain - the initial sum were ready to double. But Talibs were brought by greed - they and could not agree, as them to divide. Now remained both without pilots, and without the plane, and without money.

As captives managed to sit down in Silt - 76? According to the second pilot Gazinura Hajrullina, for a year with superfluous aboard the plane they have got already in the fourth time -   Talibs have been interested to support a trophy in working order. Before the crew already had one real possibility to run, but that time to the airport have allowed to go only to a five. To save life only to itself, having left in Kandahar the second pilot and the navigator, they have disagreed. Have decided to wait for a following opportunity, have developed some variants, including with soar even together with ten security guards onboard and plane depressurization in air.

Friday at Moslems the day off. Not without the aid of the American senator Hendsa Brown who has appeared in Kandahar the crew has received the exit visa in the airport with its full complement - for preventive works.

to Potter with technics have begun since early morning - as well as in the previous cases, and for Talibs foretold nothing unexpectedness. After a dinner the thermometer has read off scale for 40, closeness became intolerable, and the part of security guards has left from a strip to pray, others have decided to have a sleep ( they love This business - Hajrullin) has noticed. Onboard there were two Talibs with automatic machines and one with a pistol. When the plane has come off the earth, Talibs first have not understood that occurs, especially pilots calmed: Now we will make
a circle over airdrome and we will sit down . A minute later security guards have felt the wrong: Will suffice, sit down - one of them - Ahmatulla - has distorted a shutter, has tired out a cartridge in a cartridge chamber, two others too have begun to move. But was late: on them have snatched all crowd. Have tied - ropes and gtjazhelye predmetyh pilots have prepared in good time. This Ahmatulla, in general - that, the quite good guy, but resisted .

the Commander saw that at soar the Talibs who have remained on the earth have tried to partition off a strip: Ural Mountains and rafik have jerked to across dispersed plane - to them has not sufficed 10 - 15 seconds. Have after lifted a fighter the Instant - 21 but while uncovered, yes se, precious seconds have been lost. In addition at dispersal at the Instant the wheel was pierced. While the pilot changed in other car, Silt - 76 has disappeared where - that over wilderness, and now to find it became uneasy. To count lifted   the helicopter too especially
was not necessary to Talibs: on speed to Silt it you will not compare. Ilyushin, respond - demanded from the earth, but the crew was silent, that itself not to find out. Went at height 50 - 80 metres - so to be low less risk zapelengovannymi a radar.

Why have departed through Iran to the United Arab Emirates, instead of to the former Soviet border or, say, not through Pakistan to India? According to the commander, preparing runaway, pilots have come to a conclusion that persecutors just and will consider that they have gone towards the house. To bring down they be there are no problems: in supervised by Talibs Herat and Shindande is based a little eskadrily fighters. Over Pakistan were afraid to fly: there - that will bring down precisely. Therefore at once after soar have deviated the international lines and through Stockholm have contacted airline Transabijah (possibility of such communication the crew with the representative of the company arriving to Kandahar, has discussed in advance). Through Transabijah without delays have obtained the permit to flight of Iran...

In 1 hour of 55 minutes, nearby 16. 00 on Friday, (United Arab Emirates) have landed in Shardzha. The plane - the fugitive was met by the armed policemen. Hardly the commander - a beard to a navel - was put out in a cabin window, Arabs have there and then cried to it something like the Talib, leave . Have understood. Pilots have lodged in hotel Kontinental there have sent also their captives. Have exposed protection. In the night from Friday to Saturday in the United Arab Emirates representatives of Tatarstan have arrived. Sunday afternoon - Silt - 62 the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia.

Negotiations with sheikhs were uneasy: that there is at least their one requirement - to take away pilots to Moscow in a package with unfortunate Talibs. (Them also carried in the airport together with ours, and some times Ignatenko called in the car where the commander of crew sat: Companions (a secret nickname of Afghans) still with you? to Come off from unnecessary a makeweight it was possible with huge work). There were also other problems - the crew has arrived without visas, i.e. Having broken border of the sovereign state, at airport Abu gate - Dabi has gathered crowd of the indignant Talibs, whose colony in the United Arab Emirates is rather powerful (arrived of Moscow have forbidden to leave from local a deputy hall - that have not appeared in hostages). Reaction of the next Muslim countries to runaway of Russian was, to put it mildly, ambiguous, about what pressure went on emiratskih sheikhs, it is possible to guess only. In addition to all it was found out that couple of days ago one our supervising figure has loudly declared that in the Chechen Republic citizens of the United Arab Emirates that has strongly touched the authorities of the Emirates war, and they have demanded from Ignatenko or proofs, or an official written apology.

To the decision of all arisen questions have connected Evgenie Primakov having a rest in Sochi, heads of the United Arab Emirates which are in Madrid, the largest international officials in Geneva. Pressure were added by the message of Rejter on probability of that Silt - 62 can bring down... In general, the long train of problems managed to be solved only thanks to enormous efforts as most   Ignatenko, proved rather skilful diplomat, and employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and embassy of Russia in the United Arab Emirates. At last in 16. 00 seven fugitives on three white Nissans have brought up to the Russian plane.

- Pass many thanks aerostaru for the human relation to us, - Gazimur Hajrullin has told to us at last. - that our families supported that helped, than could.

- And the state?

- As to you to tell... Planes of the Ministry of Emergency Measures to Kandahar arrived twice, doctors besides, Timur Okulov from the government of Tatarstan of times 18 at us was. Have given the chance even to vote, instead of so a long time the whole two conditioners from the Central Electoral Commission have brought...

- That is offences home at you are not present?

- To Tatarstan is not present. I personally always knew that Mintimer Shajmievich will not throw us. And to Russia...

Understand, to us always said that work on our clearing is conducted. And all this time we believed it...