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Spouses Morgan are in hiding
the Photo: kinopoisk. ru

Spouses Morgan is in hiding

the Genre: a comedy, a melodrama, a drama

Manufacture: the USA, 2009

the Director: Mark Lawrence

In roles: Hugh Grant, Sarai Dzhessika Parker, Natalia Klimas, Vinchentso Amato, Dzhessi Libman, Elizabeth Moss, Michael Kelly, Set Gilliam, Sandor Teksi, Kevin Brown

Morgans - typical modern Nju - the Jorksky couple from Manhattan. They are rich, successful, cynical, spoilt by comfort of a big city and more they on the verge of divorce. As it become impossible more in time they casual eyewitnesses of murder and now are urged to leave in small provincial small town, under the program of protection of witnesses. But together with loss of habitual city delights of life they find again interest to each other

the Photo: kinopoisk. ru


the Genre: the insurgent, a drama

Manufacture: Russia, 2010

the Director: Andrey Kavun

In roles: Alexander Baluev, Vladimir Mashkov, Andrey Panin, Alexander Golubev, Bogdan Benjuk, Maxim Kljanov, Yury Beljaev, Alexander Robak, Artem Mazunov, Ramil Sabitov

1995. Afghanistan. The Russian cargo plane is compulsorily planted in airdrome in capital of Islamic terrorism - the city of Kandahar. Five Russian pilots are captured by zealots - Talibs. They should live 378 days in a hell.

How not to betray the Native land if for it to you promise freedom? How not to refuse the belief if for it to you guarantee life? How to remain itself - if for it to you the death threatens? The answer one - to run

In their airdrome the plane waits. On a runway - a minefield, fighters - in air, stingers - on the earth. But they do not have other chance to come back home