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Second-in-command OGRV in Dnestr region Oleg Manin: Espionage scandal? It is extreme provocation!

gains in strength espionage scandal between Russia and Ukraine. We will remind that in territory of the Odessa area, in 14 - ti km from a Dnestr site
Moldavian - the Ukrainian border, employees SBU have been detained five
employees of FSB of Russia at the moment of reception by them from the citizen of Ukraine of the data which are state secret.

- behind actions the of subordinates who covered an act of espionage and
provided security of the scout, their head -   from apart observed; The lieutenant colonel, the chief of Department of military counterspionage of FSB of the Russian Federation in OGRV which has disappeared from an event place, having left the subordinates, - the head of Security service of Ukraine Valentine Nalivajchenko has told. - Arrested persons on hot employees by blackmail and threats tried to obtain the state secrets of Ukraine for reward in 2 thousand dollars .

According to Nalivajchenko, during personal survey from arrested persons it is withdrawn
the espionage equipment: digital dictophones, a videocamera in the form of a pen, kamuflirovannyj under a charm for keys the container for storage of a flash card of digital media with instructions for the agent, netbuk, flesh - maps.

concerning the senior officer criminal case upon espionage is brought, for it the preventive punishment in the form of arrest is selected. Other employees of FSB of Russia after interrogations are sent from territory of Ukraine with prohibition of entrance to the country for five years.

the Audio record of telephone conversation with Oleg Manin
We have called management OGRV in Dnestr region to receive all particulars.

is an extreme provocation about which we have learnt from mass-media! - vice-commander Oleg Manin has responded us. - All our officers on places, and such lieutenant colonel, the chief of department of military counterspionage of FSB in OGRV, does not exist at all! To someone this provocation is very favourable...

- And to whom?

- For the present it is not clear.
the Audio record of telephone conversation with Gennady Rossihinym

Then we have called in the Ministry of state security of Dnestr region.

- we know nothing and are not informed, - the assistant to head MGB Gennady Rossihin has told. - From FSB behind the help to us were not converted, and we any side do not participate and we will not participate in it.

will be and to watch closely further this history and operatively to inform readers on situation development.