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Hemorrhoids. Blow on backs

On a habit we name « hemorrhoids » troubles which have unexpectedly fallen down us: arrival of the mother-in-law, breakage of the computer or apartment repair.

it is necessary to remember true value of this word, when there are serious problems with health.

a word « hemorrhoids » in translation from Greek means « a bleeding » that directly
it is connected with the main symptom of disease - allocation of blood from back pass. It is considered that 8 persons face hemorrhoids displays in this or that form during life from 10 so - very few people from us is insured from this misfortune.
that is worse: a pain or bashfulness?
according to the medical statistics, hemorrhoids men at the age from 30 till 50 years more often are ill. 10 % of the population of all globe are converted to doctors concerning this illness, and in the developed countries hemorrhoids find at 60 % of citizens. It would Seem, about such widespread disease should know everyone and at the first symptoms urgently to be converted to the doctor. Unfortunately, in life all is differently, and the reason that behind hemorrhoids the glory of indecent illness for a long time has become stronger. To speak about it it is a shame, and on reception to the expert unfortunate go only when no more forces to suffer.  

the major rule of a military science says: « the Enemy should be known by sight ». Bashfully ignoring hemorrhoids problem, we only harm to ourselves. And after all this illness is not much more terrible than a gastritis if, of course, it not to start.  

so, the first that the person upon whom this illness, unpleasant sensations has fallen can feel. Discomfort, an itch, burning in back pass. Usually such signs directly are connected with toilet visitation. Here the panic can capture any: what to me occurs? And to consult there is nobody, you will not discuss a problem with friends and colleagues, and to the doctor to go so it would not be desirable.  

After some months, and sometimes and years, symptoms become even more serious. And pains start to disturb discomfort at walking, at long sitting on one place, and toilet visitation turns simply to torture. Except all already known troubles, the person with horror finds out allocation of scarlet blood from back pass.    

approximately years through five the following stage of illness begins. From back pass when the person makes an effort, vybuhajut gemorroidalnye sites. At first they are set independently, then it can be made with own hand, but at late stages of hemorrhoids reposition becomes impossible. Quite logical continuation of the started illness. Here - that patients at last also dare to be converted behind medical aid, there is nothing to lose, any more will not be worse. Will be.  

the hemorrhoids still have complications. The strong bleeding and then patients the anaemia, and together with it weakness, slackness, dizzinesses develops can open. In increased gemorroidalnyh sites blood clots can be formed that often leads to the dying off of fabrics accompanied by attacks of an acute pain, temperature lifting, impossibility defekatsii. A purulent inflammation, a sepsis, an incontience kala. And it still the incomplete list of dangers with which the started hemorrhoids threaten.        

new achievements of modern medicine!
For the last some decades were outlined in hemorrhoids treatment new tendencies. In « the International medical centre Medikal It Grup - Nizhni Novgorod » are used     methods of treatment of hemorrhoids which apply according to an illness stage. Such methods a little. What will approach the patient is better, the doctor chooses individually. All methods represent bezoperatsionnoe removal gemorroidalnyh sites.

Treatment of hemorrhoids WITHOUT the PAIN! WITHOUT OPERATION!

the International medical centre Medikal It Grup – Nizhni Novgorod

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There are contra-indications. Consultation of the expert is necessary.