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Theatre-goers of Ekaterinodara huddled in a barrack

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Instead of hostel - the chamber of tortures

In that building where now is Krasnodar istoriko - an archaeological museum   a name of Felitsyna,   in the nineteenth century there was a smart hotel. It has constructed at the corner of streets Gymnasia and Krasnoarmejsky in 1886   a merchant the Polycarp Gubkin. The man has arrived in Ekaterinodar to search happiness from the central Russia in the end of 60 - h years of a XIX-th century with a small suitcase. The poor peasant which and to read - that plainly was not able,   has quickly located on Kuban. At first in the Hay market has opened a hairdressing salon with a signboard Trishka, brishka and zavishka is a name so amused passing by people that Gubkin has decided it to change   on     Strite,   shaving and zavite . And then married on   to the girl panskogo sorts, has thrown the tsirjulnichestvo and has opened a bench in which traded the grocery and iron goods . Affairs it have gone uphill, and it began to call itself(himself) a merchant.

Having hammered together the decent capital, it was accepted to building   two-storeyed   the brick house.   when works were in the heat, Gubkin has started to hand over   rooms in rent. For each lodger the price was different, all depended on that, how long it is going to remain here. For the Cossacks coming on the horses, were available karetniki and sheds. And has begun the life the Grandee - Hotel on 36 numbers.  

the Hostel developed and brought in the good income. But it was to few Gubkin, and he has decided to expand a building. The Earth was going to buy from the neighbour - a merchant of Bogarsukova - its house was in two metres from The grandee - hotel and the place near a private residence was empty. Many years Bogarsukov could not   to say goodbye to this plot of land but when at last - taki has solved has requested the fabulous sum. Gubkiny have gasped, but nevertheless have redeemed a site.

Completed hostel already the spouse of the Polycarp   Ekaterina. Its husband has died by then. The woman has erected hotel end-to-end to the house of neighbours. The new building has been decorated by a modelled ornament, and the turret at the corner towered.

Krasnodar istoriko - an archaeological museum it. Felitsyna (from above). the Grandee - hotel Gubkin, 1903.

Hotel accommodations practically never were empty - so it was popular. It did not give rest to neighbours - to brothers to the Carp and Hristoforu Bogarsukovym. They have solved to outdo the competitor and   have constructed in 1909 - 1910 hostel with the pathos name the Main line . Did not begin to stint: here there was also a modelled decor and dorogushchie vases. A main entrance with metal   an umbrella and dragons attracted all eyes gapers. And the internal furniture has been executed by the Italian artists coming in 1906   with an exhibition of the works in art gallery of F.Kovalenko.

On beauty and grace the hotel has surpassed the next institution. The people began to turn here. At Ekaterina Gubkinoj the profit was reduced, and it in a hostel court yard has constructed cannery, and a building Grand Hotel has rented.

In 1917 the hotel at the woman was selected by Bolsheviks under a granary. Since 1918 have transformed into prison,   and cellars - in chambers of tortures. Gubkin`s widow has lost all and became poor. Having collected belongings, it has left Ekaterinodara.       But already after the Great Patriotic War in Grand Hotel have opened archive. And in 70 - h years of the last century two buildings, belonging when - that to ardent competitors, have united and have opened a museum.

the Komsomol sat At the house of the brewer

Hostel Prestige which is in the street the World, too has the history. Hundred years ago the Czech brewer Matias Irza has constructed on this place to itself a smart private residence. The matter is that nearby there was its factory New Bavaria here the man also has decided to locate nearby. What far to go! In the house was seven rooms and a spacious drawing room. Outside     The lateral facade came to the end with a semicircular ledge which has been topped   a dome. And near to the house have laid out a garden. But after February revolution the master of the house has sold all and has left with a family home to Czechia. On a private residence place the Central club of Komsomol has opened. And on March, 8th 1934 - go year the railway hospital here has earned, in 14 years it has incorporated to polyclinic. Now in an ancient building there is a hostel Prestige .

Dom Irzy, 90 - e years of the XIX-th century. (At the left) hotel Prestige now.

Winter theatre war

has destroyed Ekaterinodartsy very much liked to go on performances, but the theatre at them long time was not. Therefore fans of a scene had to be content with the small barrack which foyer reminded a closet, the roof proceeded. Therefore, when there was a rain or snow thawed, water got on heads to spectators. It is not known, how much it still proceeded, while once the barrack has not laid in ashes. As they say, there would be no happiness, yes the misfortune has helped.

Winter theatre, 20 - e years of the XX-th century (at the left). A philharmonic society now.

on May, 22nd, 1908 on a place of the former Turkish bakery which was in the street Red in that area where now a philharmonic society, have started to erect four-storeyed Winter theatre. The building has been covered by cement plaster and looked easy and weightless. Lists of great composers and playwrights inside hung, and the ceiling has been decorated by chandeliers - stars in which 750 colour bulbs burnt. The first on October, 1st, 1909 has opened   an opera season! The people with pleasure went on all representations. And after Civil war in this building the Drama theatre has taken place. But during the Great Patriotic War a magnificent construction   it has been almost destroyed. From a smart building there was only a base, overlappings over a cellar yes a wall part. It reconstructed only in 1954. External appearance and internally theatre furniture have undergone cardinal changes.   In 1973 the Philharmonic society here has opened.

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