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Learn, how the cat looks, and guess, as call its friend

At last - that we had a mistress the Children`s page . To choose from such quantity of drawings which has come on the address of our heading, was very much, no, very difficult! Drawings shaking, and how much imagination in them it is enclosed! But competition is competition. So, we represent the winner - a cat who has drawn 10 - summer Natasha Morgunova from Novosibirsk. Now it will be the main heroine of all games and adventures whom you will find on to the Children`s page . And the author of drawing wins a grandiose prize from - a professional set for drawing.

the WINNER! Natasha Morgunova.

Also we want to award several more young artists. Their drawings have simply amazed us! And, though their cats will not appear on our page every week, all of us equally consider that they are drawn fine. We congratulate Anju Kachanovu from Stavropol Territory, Anju Garkusha from Pyatigorsk and Olju Kolpakovu from Irkutsk. Little girls, you good fellows! You are waited too by prizes!

the Prize of spectator sympathies: Anja Garkusha.


our Cat - not simple. She is able to turn to everybody - but only when very strongly something will be frightened. And still the majority of our readers has vested with its ability to read to thought, i.e. telepathy. But, to hear that others think, she should eat a chocolate slice. On a broader scale - that usual cats do not eat chocolate. But ours - that unusual. Chocolate operates on it in the most paradoxical image. Therefore the cat and its friends always try to carry with itself in sweet pockets. A leah is not enough that...

the Prize of spectator sympathies: Olja Kolpakova.
the Prize of spectator sympathies: Anja Kachanova.

As call a dinosaur?

In last release the Children`s page we have suggested you to draw friends of a cat who will accompany it in games and tasks. We have printed some drawings. The majority have voted for a dinosaur. And what? Perfect thought! A dinosaur - a strong, wise and unusual being. It becomes the reliable friend of a cat. After all if it has to beat off from space newcomers or to get out by means of a time machine of the past - who can find a way out is better?

On a picture egg from which here - here hatches small dinozavrik is drawn. Solve words, enter them in sections and combine a word from the letters allocated with colour. And you learn, how call the new friend of our cat!

do not forget to draw the dinozavrika and to send to us! Authors of the best drawings are waited by prizes!

1. A bad mark in a diary.

2. Two-wheeled the car . Adults why - that constantly invent it...

3. On them go for a drive from a hill in the winter.

4. Its artist paints in oils.

5. The expert on stars and far-out planets.

6. A dangerous snake in an almuce .

7. It both draw, and write, and sharpen its knife.

  the LEAH

WILL have time to TAKE for a drive the GNOME the CAT ON the BOAT?

It is the Hardworking Gnome. The cat has asked it to take for a drive it on a boat. But at first it should transport stones and bricks on other river bank. To sunset it can swim there 4 times. The boat at the Gnome small - there gets only 3 stones and 1 brick. A leah will have time to bring the Hardworking Gnome all stones and bricks on other coast to a decline, that prokatit a cat by a boat?

Continue a number

Choose proper words from the list below!

These steams of words are made in certain law. Guess, what is this a principle, and continue a number.

1. A water-melon - a butt.

2. A wolf - a nail.

3. A tree - a fur-tree.

4. A hedgehog - heat.

5. A fence-???


the List: an input, oil, a mouth, an apple, game, secret, a raft, iodine, a garden, road, a class, laziness.

Results of competitions: a crossword puzzle Harry Potter . Quality which Harrys and its friends possess, - FIDELITY.

the Fourth superfluous: 1) the snowboard - does not concern types of transport; 2) the heavy truck - is not a breed of dog, is breed of a horse.

Winners: Pozdeev Oleg, Perm; Vafina Camilla, Kazan; Akchurin Andrey, Rostov-on-Don.

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