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Sellers offer cellular for which it charge bonuses

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to Return and an exchange is not subject


There were third days of my work in cellular communication salon. And any dissatisfied buyer. Sellers even have a little started missing. But to relax to us the high thin girl who has bought one of these days cellular for 10 thousand has not given.

- I want to return phone, - the girl has been adjusted resolutely.

- And cellular enter into the list of the goods which neither to exchange, nor it is impossible to return, - mischievously parried the seller   Lena.


- It rejected.


- Why you so have solved.


- Yes because phone does not hold gymnastics. Here a heap of functions, and I cannot use any. Only from calls it is discharged for a pair of clocks.

- Perhaps you use too often?


- you have not forgotten, than trade? Correctly - phones! They to call. And I call at all much. How to write the application on a refund?

- Money we all the same will not return at once to you. At first phone we will send for examination.

- Yes what here to check?


- it is possible, it is not so factory marriage. Or it still can be repaired.

- I will go to committee on protection of the rights of consumers.

- Please, - Lena was unperturbable.


When dismantlings have come to an end and the offended client has left, I have asked:

- Well you give, unless it is possible so with clients to talk?

- And you as thought? If all of us return money, trade on a broader scale would not be. A variant of a refund or an exchange for the similar goods we offer only to the most meticulous. At first let examination will pass.


Later I have called in city committee on protection of the rights of consumers. There to me have told that cellular telephones are included really into the list of the goods which are not subject to return or an exchange for the similar goods. But only in the event that phone is serviceable. That is under the law it is impossible to return a mobile phone because it was found out at home that it does not approach to a handbag. If the goods with defect on it all laws on an exchange and return extend.


“Yes it scratched!”


This day at us obviously was not set. For the first dissatisfied client the girl who needed to exchange phone on guarantee repair has come. Lena and did not begin to stand on ceremony with it.


- I have bought two months ago phone. It for a guarantee. All time behaves in a queer way: that is switched off at the moment of conversation at all does not call. It is possible to exchange for the similar?


- Yes you that, the girl, joke? It weigh in scratches. You dropped it, a leah that? - Lena has pushed away a tube as if to her stretched a toad.


I could make out on phone only pair of hardly appreciable scratches.

- Not, never dropped, - the customer perplexed blinked. - well, at least will repair?


- Oh, it in the service centre is necessary to you. They there will look, will solve. Our service is in city centre.


- I in the decree with the child sit, here for a minute have run out, and that only because you are in the next house. It is impossible to repair through you (the little shop is in Krasnoarmeysk. - a bus comment) ?


- it is better in the service centre. So will be faster.

- Well, OK, I will ask somebody. Thanks, good-bye.

When young mummy has left, Lena has told that actually through service not always faster. Simply, besides, so is easier to the seller.


- All depends on service. In ours for some days will repair. And there are such centres where phone for a month will take away, will return all in scratches. Also you will not carp. After all before giving model, the client signs a paper that on a mobile phone there are scratches. They and truth are, but anybody does not compare them before repair. To me as - that have returned phone so pokotsannyj that I even have begun to doubt, a leah have changed it.

- And why through shop it is impossible to repair?


- Yes it is possible, basically. But us learnt to try to send clients in repair. You understand, the service centre does not submit to us, we simply co-operate. If they detain terms, phone will scratch, the client to us will take out a brain. And then, what for to us superfluous hemorrhoids with delivery? Here we also send clients directly in a server. Let already with them also understand.  


“Pay attention to“red“price lists


While I shocked buyers with the deep knowledge of pixels, a bluetooth and flash cards, Lena skilfully sold,“ that is necessary ”. And it was necessary to sell certain models.


- As a rule, allow installation to sell strenuously novelties, that advertise on a TV set, or simply model on which at firm the big contract with the supplier is concluded, - my tutor educated me. Is, by the way, most difficult. Because it is necessary to invent, why the client should buy this phone. For example, last month have brought the big party “Ρΰμρσνγξβ“ of not so new model. Each seller should vtjuhat these sotikov a minimum on ten a week. The chief personally watched. Happens even worse when it is necessary to market the goods which “does not go“. On it do the action and sell.


Therefore Lena also advised the heaped up expensive novelties though itself never would buy such abrupt phone. From that, as well as what phones are sold by the adviser, its salary directly depends. For sale of “necessary“ phones charge bonuses, percent from sales.


So not always it is necessary to lean against opinion of the selling assistant. Quite probably that he prompts to you not from the big love to buyers that is why that phone badly disperses. Successful purchases!


Useful phones

8 (8442) 38 - 50 - 83 - committee on protection of the rights of consumers of administration of Volgograd.

8 (8442) 93 - 09 - 01, 97 - 62 - 19 - management on struggle against offences in sphere of the consumer market of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Volgograd region


the Comment of the expert

Natalia Golovina, the chief of department of references of committee on protection of the rights of consumers of administration of Volgograd :

- Guarantee repair - a duty of the seller. But in documents in the goods should be specified where to be converted in case of breakage: in shop or the service centre. Service can sometimes be on other end of a city or on a broader scale in other region. And on a broader scale term of guarantee repair no more than 45 days. Hold longer - you have the right to demand the penalty of 1 % from cost of phone per every day of delay. Thus to the buyer for the period of repair are obliged to give similar phone.



By the way

Than sellers when them nobody sees


In due time on the instructions of edition I already could work in a fashionable boutique, and so there girls - saleswomen take new things to revile for the evening, and then safely return on a hanger. In salons of cellular communication a situation similar. Other “colleague“, Anja has told about it to me.

- In salon where I worked earlier, I had every week new phone, - she has bragged as - that.


- How?


- Yes it is very simple: I take new cellular directly from packing, I resemble days five, and then for another I change. And this - on a counter. And all at us so did.


- And if you will lose or you will break?


- it was not necessary to Lose. Well and you will knock where - nibud or you will scratch - the misfortune is not great. The main thing - to sell then even if the client will understand that with phone not all is fine, already time will pass, and after all it - not factory marriage. Cellular “stuknutyj“ - means, and dropped! It is a pity, here such focuses do not pass. The director and watches, as though that not styrili.