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The mayoralty demands from a society Knowledge 3,5 million roubles

- the Situation unprecedented! While the State Duma discusses the law on support of public organisations, the administration of Chelyabinsk smothers one of them. Us not simply throw out on street, us want to crush. That we try to save a building on Thieves`, 5 for the people! - the director speaks Is information - the training centre of a society Knowledge Natalia Sedacheva.

the Disputable house on Thieves`, 5 in 1901 was constructed by the rich factory owner and the chairman of a municipal duma of that time Vladimir Pokrovsky. Has constructed as school for poor and has presented to a city. Than century the house already there is more ministers to national education. Last 25 years are lodged here by the city Center of a society Knowledge where on different courses hundreds cheljabintsev are engaged: from doshkoljat to old men.

In 2007 at the Center the contract on rent has ended. To prolong its mayoralty has refused, having decided to use the house from a red brick for own needs (they are foggy, therefore it is rumored that the building will receive business). Judicial disputes have begun. Last court has resolved to Knowledge to remain in native walls till June, 1st that pupils could finish easy academic year. However the city has not calmed down.

- the next judicial session One of these days will take place: the city demands to move us immediately, and moreover - to pay 3,5 million rent for two disputable years! - Natalia Sedacheva is perplexed. - This claim will ruin us!

If to follow logic of the mayoralty, it turns out, as if IOTS Knowledge it was enriched on townspeople on 3,5 million roubles. However as the public organisation the Center has privileges at rent of municipal knowledge so, the rent sum would be estimated in thousand, not millions. But it is more important that to the society city of IOTS Knowledge has given more.

So, the Center supports a status of the ancient house (and it is recognised by a history monument) and pays all utility bills. For last 25 years the treasury of Chelyabinsk has not spent for it copecks, but IOTS a society Knowledge every year puts on 500 thousand roubles. And the main thing, during the last years the Center has involved in a city more than 5 million roubles on various social programs. For example, courses of the personal computer for pensioners, psychological trainings for the senior generation, free German language courses, legal consultation for migrants.

As a matter of fact, has helped the mayoralty to save such sum on social support of townsmen. Also taxes from the salary of the teachers (and it small - about 6 thousand roubles) in treasury of Chelyabinsk paid.

Today the mayoralty offers to Knowledge To move to empty Central club on CHMZ (there children and old men from all city hardly will go) or in a recreation centre of Koljushchenko (but it in an emergency status, therefore to obtain licences for employment with pupils here it will be impossible). In this situation townspeople simply will lose the centre of social support.


simple townspeople

In the city will lose That Is information - the training centre of a society Knowledge it is more than 15 years the English school for children where study more than 200 persons works. Within an academic year here pass courses of additional education for adult population, them visits more than 500 persons. Since 1997 free projects for youth, pensioners, the Russian Germans are realised.