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The director of civil engineering firm from - for crisis began to plant ostriches

is here my second family: four samochki and the male, - shows ostriches the businessman from Danilovki Alexander Vodolazko. - Children with the wife first were rather afraid of them, then even were jealous a little, and have now got used. Have fallen in love with my birdies.

Many years ago Alexander has organised in district building - finishing firm. Was engaged in favourite business, on the sly was in charge of housekeeping and saved for the new big house - dream of the wife.

- Money has collected enough. Gathered last year new a mansion to get, as has burst crisis. With work absolutely badly: objects new did not appear, and savings began to thaw in the face of. As - that on the Internet has come across the information that many plant ostriches. And it is quite good on it earn. I too have lighted up. Also began to think over how to organise this business.

Birds have appeared very expensive. In their our region was not to find, it was necessary to go behind them to Krasnodar territory. Therefore except cost of birds, money and for transportation were necessary.

- Acquaintances have prompted that it is possible to be converted into the regional centre of employment. Realisation of the federal program on allocation by the unemployed of a grant for the organisation of enterprise activity there has just begun. I was trained, have given to experts at labour exchange the business - the plan. It at me, by the way, was profitable on 41 % a year. At me have accepted all papers and have told to wait, - Alexander speaks.

But only here for time to wait was not. The season when it was necessary to buy a bird urgently has just begun. And Alexander has dared at a desperate step. Took all savings which postponed for house acquisition, and has jerked to Krasnodar.

- I had money for three birds, but to me here has offered the fourth at greatly reduced prices. All to last copeck has given, even the mobile phone has put, but has bought all four ostriches, - with pride Alexander speaks. - here so I also had Martyn, Fera, Glasha and Njusha. One bird growth under three metres. Represent, how much it is necessary for them of a place. But as money for building of a farm for them at me any more does not remain, it was necessary to give them half-houses. Now here in one part we live with a family, and in another - our birdies.

the Only thing, than Alexander, it that the centre of employment to it and has not allocated money is afflicted.

- When I have come on a stock exchange and have told that have already bought a bird on the money and have opened a farm me have taken aback that no means to me shine now - money gives only on business opening, and on development is not present.    

But the resourceful farmer does not despond. He believes that ostrich`s business necessarily will pay back itself. After all the meat kg costs 500 roubles. And from one ostrich`s egg it is possible to feed with an omelette at once 14 persons.